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Cleanup Extension

edited March 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Does this extension work in v1? I keep getting the error Failed to Modify Extension and the following error at the top of the screen....

Notice: Undefined property: AdminUsers in /home/answerus/domains/ on line 24


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    No, it hasn't been tested for v1. I was thinking of rewriting that extension entirely after 1 comes out.
  • ok so the one in the svn trunk wont work... write that down...
  • what is the svn trunk ?
  • @Mark : when are you going to update this extension ? it is a long time from may .. any news? and BTW does this extension really deletes the deleted discussions?
  • @Mark: I noticed in the Roles & Permissions list that there is a permission which says: "Allow use of the cleanup extension" It appears to me, that this extension no longer exists/is supported, and that the functionality provided by it is now being provided by SirNot's "Comment Removal" extension. Is that correct? On a separate note: if the default behaviour of Vanilla is for it not to *delete*, but instead to *hide* comments/discussions, perhaps it would be a good idea to have labels that reflect that. It gets a bit confusing when installing SirNot's Comment Removal, and seeing 2 separate sets of permissions to do with deleting comments and discussions. By just changing the name of the function (and its permissions) to 'hide', it may make it clearer, and simpler for us, easily confused users!
  • Funny you should make that last point. It was decided as a community a couple of months back that the wording should be change FROM 'hide' (which it was originally) TO 'delete'. Less clear, yes, however most of us figured that if it said 'delete', then users would think stuff was being deleted, when in actual fact it was just being hidden - this would clear up an absolute ton of requests such as 'how do i delete stuff'. Realistically though, hiding stuff is much the same as deleting it and Mark has his own very strong views on the deletion of data (which is why the ability to *actually* delete stuff isn't in the core)

    You are, ofcourse, welcome to change the label to hide in your own language files if you'd like, but that's the reason it's like it is.
  • @Minisweeper: thank you for the explanation! In the current situation I'm in, I do, of course, understand the reasoning behind not deleting comments and discussions. In my forum, for instance, I am required NOT to delete, for legal reasons - so that we permanently have a record somewhere of everything that was said. However, with that in mind, there are still many situations in which deletion - even in my forum - is OK, and even encouraged. For instance, if someone has just posted something that they regret, it should certainly be ok for them to immediately delete it. That is where SirNot's extension is so useful - it gives users precisely that ability. Although you'd think that users would misuse this privilege, I have been most surprised to see that eveyone (even the scandalous flamers who a day later often regret what they said) respect my rule that if someone has answered your posting, you must not delete it. Unfortunately, the "new" naming convention is not only misleading, it is really misinformative, if used in conjunction with the Comment Removal extension. "Remove" sounds much more like "hide" than "delete". And in principle, I do believe in clearly using the right name for the right function. If the principle of 'hiding' instead of 'deleting' is so right (as I agree that it often is) then you should not mislead users by misnaming it. Stick to your principles, and add an item in your FAQs that you can direct everyone who sends you the same "Where can I delete postings?" questions!
  • I almost forgot: it might also be a good idea to permanently remove the permission that says "Allow use of the cleanup extension". This may help you avoid *another* lot of unnecessary faqs! :-)
  • I agree with icouto here. Especially the part about sticking to your guns. Then perhaps the "Remove" extension could get a rename to "Delete"? This way, when people search for an extension for deleting of comments (after they've read inthe FAQ the reasons behind not allowing comments to be deleted, only "removed") they'll find exactly what they're looking for. Right?
  • @Mark: I noticed, that in the latest release of Vanilla (1.1.2 as of this writing), under Settings->Roles & Permissions -> 'any role', there is still a preference at the very bottom of "Role abilities" that says "Allow use of the cleanup extension". Does that actually do anything?
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