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Problem with "Format comment as" and more questions

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First: Sorry for my bad english. ;) (Is it so bad? I don't know)

I have installed the Vanilla 1 pre-release at and I have a few questions now.

When I'm starting a new discussion, there is no "Format comment as" option. Do I have to install an Add-on?
The option "Show the comment format type selector when adding comments" under "Account > Forum Preferences" is aktive, but there is still no option in the "Start new discussion" page.

In my forum, you needn't a activision when you apply for a membership. But there is still the "Applicant" group on the (advanced) search page.

And can I hide users (or a group with users) like I can hide discussions?

I hope you can help me. :)


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    i think you have to install an add-on like HtmlFormatter in order to get the selector. otherwise you can only post in text, so there's no need for one :)

    i don't know why applicant shows up on the search page. it seems strange if you don't have applicants in your forum, only members

    how do you mean hide users? so that they can't post?
    if i understand you, you can do something like this, for example:
    1) make two roles: "Member A" and "Member B"
    2) make two categories: "Category A" and "Category B"
    3) edit Category A so that ONLY Member As can view it. edit Category B so that ONLY Member Bs can view it.
    4) put members who aren't supposed to post in Category B into Member A, and vice versa.

    that way Member As and Member Bs will not see each other.
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    You can delete the Applicant group in Settings >> Role Management.
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    Thank you for your answer. :)

    Posting only text is great, but when I activate the "qoute" Add-on I get a problem. :(
    Now, I have added the HtmlFormatter Add-on to Vanilla 1, and it works.

    I want to hide users, so that nobody other than the admin can see this users. I have two test users and I want to hide them, because I can't delete them. That's all. ;)

    EDIT: Hm, there is only a category named "Roles & Permissions", and there is no "Apllicants" Group. That's weird...
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    true, I can't see an option to delete a user, but you can use the "system cleanup" extension to remove users inactive since ... days. Maybe that will help you.

    Alternatively, as admin, do a search for users with no search term, then click on the name, edit the personal information and change their names to a real user name.
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