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Conversations application doesn't like ipv6 address

AnonymooseAnonymoose ✭✭
edited October 2012 in Feedback

Conversations Application complains when running on server using ipv6 address, despite the varchar set to 36 in database as per:

Says: InsertIPAddress is 5 characters too long when attempting to send a message.


  • AnonymooseAnonymoose ✭✭
    edited October 2012

    Fixing by changing /applications/conversations/settings/structure.php lines

    Line 38: ->Column('InsertIPAddress', 'varchar(15)', TRUE)

    Line 41: ->Column('UpdateIPAddress', 'varchar(15)', TRUE)

    Line 76: ->Column('InsertIPAddress', 'varchar(15)', TRUE)


    Line 38: ->Column('InsertIPAddress', 'varchar(39)', TRUE)

    Line 41: ->Column('UpdateIPAddress', 'varchar(39)', TRUE)

    Line 76: ->Column('InsertIPAddress', 'varchar(39)', TRUE)

    And turning off and on the Conversations application.
    However this seems to have removed all existing conversations (from an import). Oh well.

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