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Bug - 404 appears when category path is a number or a numeric string

oldcaioldcai New
edited October 2012 in Feedback

When I set a category path to a numeric string, page 404 will appear when I visit this category.

Not so sure if this is a bug.



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    KasperKasper Scholar of the Bits Copenhagen Vanilla Staff

    This is a duplicate of http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/21609/is-this-a-bug-404-appears-when-category-path-was-set-in-numeric#latest
    Could you perhaps give a more detailed description of your problem?

    Kasper Kronborg Isager (kasperisager) | Freelance Developer @Vanilla | Hit me up: Google Mail or Vanilla Mail | Find me on GitHub

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    I closed that other thread. More information is needed for this thread to stay alive.

    There was an error rendering this rich post.

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    Sorry for duplicate posting.

    The earlier thread maybe posted in the wrong category, so I posted here.

    I don't know what else information you may interesting, so listed some blow.

    I'm running vanilla under nginx 1.2.4 with a rule of

    location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?p=$uri&$args;

    When I set category path in the dashboard in /vanilla/settings/managecategories and edit the category Url in /vanilla/settings/editcategory/2 to a numeric string.

    Then visit the certain url, page 404 will be appear.

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    KasperKasper Scholar of the Bits Copenhagen Vanilla Staff
    edited October 2012

    That was exactly what was needed, thanks! I can verify this "bug"-thingy with Vanilla 2.1a24, I get the same results as you when changing the category URL to a numeric string: A 404 page. Here's some debug info if anyone can use it:

    Debug Information

    Cache Information

    Cache Revision: 1
    Permissions Revision: 1

    7 queries in 0.0132577419281s

    Gdn_Model->GetWhere(array('UserID' => '1'))0.003892s
    select *
    from GDN_User User
    where UserID = '1';
    select *
    from GDN_Permission Permission
    limit 1;
    select MAX(p.`PermissionID`) as `PermissionID`, MAX(p.`Garden.Email.View`) as `Garden.Email.View`, MAX(p.`Garden.Email.Manage`) as `Garden.Email.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Settings.Manage`) as `Garden.Settings.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Settings.View`) as `Garden.Settings.View`, MAX(p.`Garden.Routes.Manage`) as `Garden.Routes.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Messages.Manage`) as `Garden.Messages.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Applications.Manage`) as `Garden.Applications.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Plugins.Manage`) as `Garden.Plugins.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Themes.Manage`) as `Garden.Themes.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.SignIn.Allow`) as `Garden.SignIn.Allow`, MAX(p.`Garden.Registration.Manage`) as `Garden.Registration.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Applicants.Manage`) as `Garden.Applicants.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Roles.Manage`) as `Garden.Roles.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.Users.Add`) as `Garden.Users.Add`, MAX(p.`Garden.Users.Edit`) as `Garden.Users.Edit`, MAX(p.`Garden.Users.Delete`) as `Garden.Users.Delete`, MAX(p.`Garden.Users.Approve`) as `Garden.Users.Approve`, MAX(p.`Garden.Activity.Delete`) as `Garden.Activity.Delete`, MAX(p.`Garden.Activity.View`) as `Garden.Activity.View`, MAX(p.`Garden.Profiles.View`) as `Garden.Profiles.View`, MAX(p.`Garden.Profiles.Edit`) as `Garden.Profiles.Edit`, MAX(p.`Garden.Moderation.Manage`) as `Garden.Moderation.Manage`, MAX(p.`Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow`) as `Garden.AdvancedNotifications.Allow`, MAX(p.`Conversations.Moderation.Manage`) as `Conversations.Moderation.Manage`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Settings.Manage`) as `Vanilla.Settings.Manage`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Categories.Manage`) as `Vanilla.Categories.Manage`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.View`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.View`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Add`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Add`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Edit`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Edit`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Announce`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Announce`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Sink`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Sink`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Close`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Close`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Discussions.Delete`) as `Vanilla.Discussions.Delete`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Comments.Add`) as `Vanilla.Comments.Add`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Comments.Edit`) as `Vanilla.Comments.Edit`, MAX(p.`Vanilla.Comments.Delete`) as `Vanilla.Comments.Delete`, MAX(p.`Plugins.Flagging.Notify`) as `Plugins.Flagging.Notify`, MAX(p.`Downloads.Download.Add`) as `Downloads.Download.Add`, MAX(p.`Downloads.Download.Manage`) as `Downloads.Download.Manage`, MAX(p.`Downloads.Comments.Manage`) as `Downloads.Comments.Manage`, MAX(p.`Plugins.WhosOnline.ViewHidden`) as `Plugins.WhosOnline.ViewHidden`, MAX(p.`Plugins.WhosOnline.Manage`) as `Plugins.WhosOnline.Manage`, MAX(p.`Plugins.Debugger.View`) as `Plugins.Debugger.View`, MAX(p.`Plugins.Debugger.Manage`) as `Plugins.Debugger.Manage`, MAX(p.`Plugins.Attachments.Upload.Allow`) as `Plugins.Attachments.Upload.Allow`, MAX(p.`Plugins.Attachments.Download.Allow`) as `Plugins.Attachments.Download.Allow`, p.JunctionTable as `JunctionTable`, p.JunctionColumn as `JunctionColumn`, p.JunctionID as `JunctionID`
    from GDN_Permission p
    join GDN_UserRole ur on p.RoleID = ur.RoleID
    where ur.UserID = '1'
    group by p.JunctionTable, p.JunctionColumn, p.JunctionID;
    select c.*, lc.DateInserted as `DateLastComment`
    from GDN_Category c
    left join GDN_Comment lc on c.LastCommentID = lc.CommentID
    order by c.TreeLeft asc;
    CategoryModel::JoinRecentPosts(array('-1' => array(26), '1' => array(26), '2' => array(26)))0.000509s
    select *
    from GDN_Discussion Discussion
    where DiscussionID in ('2', '4');
    CategoryModel::JoinRecentPosts(array('-1' => array(26), '1' => array(26), '2' => array(26)))0.002148s
    select *
    from GDN_Comment Comment
    where CommentID in ('7', '40');
    CategoryModel::JoinUserData(array('-1' => array(31), '1' => array(30), '2' => array(30)), 1)0.001077s
    select *
    from GDN_UserCategory UserCategory
    where UserID = '1';

    Page completed in 1.3909s

    Controller Data

    Message: 'Page not found.'
    BodyClass: 'Dashboard Home filenotfound  Section-DiscussionList'

    Kasper Kronborg Isager (kasperisager) | Freelance Developer @Vanilla | Hit me up: Google Mail or Vanilla Mail | Find me on GitHub

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    Thanks for reply.

    Debugger plugin sames useful, I will give these messages next time when I find something strange.

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    I submitted an issue here

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