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Please extend vanilla porter to handle BuddyPress, or multiple tables

erlend_sherlend_sh New
edited October 2012 in Feedback

It would save me a lot of headache if the Vanilla Porter had an in-built way of dealing with BuddyPress exports, i.e. exports of the legacy forum which uses the wp_bb_ table.

I've tried applying the solutions kindly presented by @ottorobba and @brujah in this thread, but to no avail. This is as far as I get:

Do you think by any chance you could add a "BuddyPress" option to the script, and/or adding an option to include a secondary for the users table?


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    Oh, and do note the "Warning: array_flip(): Can only flip STRING and INTEGER values! in vanilla2export.php on line 540". I'd be curious to know what might cause that as well, although nothing seems to have been broken.

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    erlend_sherlend_sh New
    edited October 2012

    Update: There seems to be a problem with the upload. I moved the file manually to /uploads and that sorted it. This was very confusing because Vanilla always returned an all-encompassing error message:

    You must select a file to import.
    Email is required.
    Password is required.

    My new problem is the "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded". This was tested on 2.1, but this might be my own problem seeing as I'm testing this on a local WAMP install.

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    Search on the forums for several import problems. A couple of them have to do with the directory separator of windows. I posted a bug report on gitHub with the fix for that (I think comment out some lines).

    So several import problems on Windows, but you can work around them.

    Maximum execution time can be fixed easily. You have to search google for that. It's a setting in php.ini

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