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self hosted jsconnect with wordpress

skpacmanskpacman New
edited October 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I have a self-hosted installation of Vanilla Forums and a self-hosted installation of WordPress.

I was able to get the forum embedded into a wordpress page but so far, I've been unable to get the jsconnect to work.

I added the jsconnect plugin to the forum and the vanilla-forums plugin to wordpress. I generated the required sign-in, registration, etc. links in wordpress and used the client ID and "secret" generated in the forum and entered them all appropriately.

Here's the steps I take and the problem I see.

I am not logged into either site to start with.

I go to the embedded forum in my wordpress site and click "Sign In", I click the "Sign In with MySite", enter my login information, and the page refreshes to the "Connecting" loading page. It just hangs there. It doesn't proceed to any other site.

I click on another page of my site and I'm logged into my wordpress site.

But when I go back to my embedded forum page, it doesn't show me as logged in.

Might I have done something wrong? Or is there a problem with jsconnect? Or a problem with the wordpress plugin?

I'm at a loss here and I'd hate to try to find another forum for WordPress... I love Vanilla Forums for its balance of simplicity and power.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    An update:

    I was able to embed the forum into my site using the standard vanilla-forum plugin.

    I disabled the single sign on in vanilla-forum and installed the WP Vanilla Connect plugin by Nicholas P. Iler and was able to connect through that plugin.

    Not entirely sure why it worked, but it does, and works fully as I expected it to.

    The issue is solved, in a way, but I would like it to work with only the vanilla-forum plugin and not through yet another plugin.

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    WP Vanilla Connect is pretty decent I prefer it. There is no issue with using it for jsconnect, and the other one for other things like comments.

    grep is your friend.

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    From my experience is that wordpress doesn't the some sort routing with a dispatcher and MVC like Vanilla / Garden (even though most things go through index). What WP Vanilla Connect does is provide a direct way of talking. It is more old school, but that is more suited to wordpress. In Vanilla you want to avoid one off handlers, becuase it breaks the integrity of MVC, and also it is not restful to have separate urls for different data format/ajax for the same resource.

    grep is your friend.

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