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IIS 7.5 and Vanilla

I have searched high and low for solutions to this, but I can't find very much.

I am trying to install Vanilla on Windows Server 2008, IIS 7.5. I can get it to install, but once the Dashboard comes up and I try to visit the site, I get:

"Page Not Found
The page you were looking for could not be found."

I have tried modifying the web.config file, following what I found here:, but that did not fix the problem.

I know it isn't supported on IIS, but when I searched the forums, I saw mentions that it had been done successfully, but I couldn't find anything on HOW to do it. Does anyone have any links or how-tos?




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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    From the few details you have posted, I don't think it's possible to give you a precise solution. It seems to me like a misconfiguration of the URL Rewrite part, Vanilla doesn't really mind if it is running under IIS or Apache, per se.

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    Are there any other details I can give you? I am running into a wall on this, and it's super frustrating! It feels like I'm so close, yet I can't figure out the last part to get everything working.

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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP

    I'm afraid I can't help you more than I already did, since I can't see any of your environment settings. I still think that IIS configuration should be reviewed and fixed. If I were to try fixing it, I could take two routes:

    1. Set up a local test system, get all relevant IIS configuration files from you and test the whole thing.
    2. Connect to your Windows Server 2008 and check the configuration directly there.

    I don't think it can be done just by messaging on the forum.

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    I don't mean to resurrect an old thread, but I believe I have found the solution to this particular problem. If you can access your admin dashboard but when you try to visit your forum you see "Page not found," simply go to your admin dashboard and under Addons -> Applications, enable Vanilla. For some reason, on IIS, the Vanilla addon (which is important and crucial to the forum functionality) is disabled by default after installation, even if the installation appeared to be successful.

    To help the developers fix this issue, I can offer the following extra bit of information. I noticed on my IIS installs that in addition to the above problem, I am unable to change themes unless I manually edit the config file. Clicking the Apply button in Appearance -> Themes does nothing. This would seem to be a config file permissions problem, as the forum software updates config.php whenever a theme is changed, but the funny thing is, I can change other settings and config.php gets updated successful, including enabling the Vanilla plugin as discussed in the fix above. Is there something different with how the theme setting is being handled?

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