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Avatars and recent discussion WordPress widget

mhk1058mhk1058 New
edited November 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Just wondering if anyone else with Vanilla embedded in Wordpress has looked into trying to get Avatars to show against the recent discussions/activity pulled into Wordpress by any of the widgets that comes with the WP plugin?

...or if anyone has any idea how to go about it... the plain links look a bit, well, plain!



  • just tried it myself yesterday. what exactly do you mean with plain? upload en picture if you can

  • mhk1058mhk1058 New
    edited November 2012

    If you use the widget in WordPress to show forum recent activity, it shows a text link with the discussion title. I doesn't have the poster's or recent commenter's avatar next to it... which I would like to do.! Avatars are set and showing in the forum and elsewhere

  • mhk1058mhk1058 New
    edited November 2012

    Thanks, I did try that but it appeared to break my discussions view and no avatars appeared in the widget. The path is OK because if I use the recently active users widget the Avatars show up just fine. The recent Activity widget obviously is not set up to display avatars but I would like it to. So I think the answer lies in modifying the widget but I can't locate the right file.

  • I figured this one out, on line 384 of function.php in the plugin I changed
    $PhotoUrl = ($IsFullPath) ? $User->Photo : vf_combine_paths(array($Url, 'uploads/'.vf_change_basename($User->Photo, 'n%s')), '/');
    $PhotoUrl = ($IsFullPath) ? $User->Photo : vf_combine_paths(array('http://[your_domain]/[vanilla_forum]/uploads/'.vf_change_basename($User->Photo, 'n%s')), '/');

    this makes the image src ignore the option to force the widget to use the embeded url

    I am sure there is a smarter way to accomplish this but it works

  • AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Headband Afficionado Cole Harbour, NS ✭✭✭

    Old thread I know, but I wanted to show avatars on my recent discussions widget too. I did not have to change functions.php, I only had to change widgets.php. If you go to

    And change this:

    echo '<li>'.vf_user_photo($User, $link_url).' '.'<a href="'.vf_combine_paths(array($link_url, 'discussion/'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'/'.vf_format_url($Discussion->Name)), '/').'">'.$Discussion->Name.'</a></li>';

    to this:

                $User = (object)array();
                $User->IconWidth = $width;
                $User->Photo = $Discussion->LastPhoto;
                $User->UserID = $Discussion->LastUserID;
                $User->Name = $Discussion->LastName;
                echo '<li>'.vf_user_photo($User, $link_url).' '.'<a href="'.vf_combine_paths(array($link_url, 'discussion/'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'/'.vf_format_url($Discussion->Name)), '/').'">'.$Discussion->Name.'</a></li>';

    It seems to work for me.

  • edited October 2015

    Thank you @AaronWebstey ... It's working fine...
    but avatars of the users who registered with facebook are not loading..

    I fixed it by modifying the function vf_user_photo on plugin's functions.php (line 417) like this..

    if (strpos($User->Photo,'') !== false) {<br /> $PhotoUrl = $User->Photo;<br /> } else {<br /> $PhotoUrl = ($IsFullPath) ? $User->Photo : vf_combine_paths(array($Url, 'uploads/'.vf_change_basename($User->Photo, 'n%s')), '/');<br /> }

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