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feature requests

ToivoToivo New
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wishlist *add new category or create wiki page. 'feature requests' :) *comment without login *link to comment. it makes possible to create lists like 'most discussed comments' *friends\ foes list. blacklist \whitelist *turn off some extensions by user (vanillacons, Transmogrifier etc) *search by anything. new account created ... *search all comments. show full post or set limit in forum preferences (max 10 lines) *mobile view. it has lean code but have you read a forum from a mobile?


  • ToivoToivo New
    edited May 2006
    "link to comment" as I see it ... CID could be a linked as '1 hour ago'. 'Answer (to this post)' on the right side. It creates new post that has link "... #Item_0" as icon It could add text quote but I personally don't like it. Create your own LussumoCommentRank (c) based on these links.
  • Firstly, very few 'features' go in the core so they'd be requested as 'Addons' in which case you can probably use the addons category
    2. If you mean anonymous posting, due to the way vanilla is written it's virtually impossible. Perhaps with a *lot* of work it could be done as an addon but that really isnt why vanilla is here. Mark has said, however, that he'd like to write an anonymous forum. Dont put it on your expectations list for atleast a year though.
    3. You can link to comments by just putting the anchor tag in the url. You cant link to single comments on their own but this would probably be possible as an addon (i've never really seen the point of it though? Very few things make sense out of context and there are few places where it'd kill someone to read around the comment in question first)
    4. What would this feature do? Can probably be made as an extension but it depends what you're trying to achieve.
    5. The ability to turn extensions on and off on a per user basis is the job of the extension designer.
    6. Searches are limited at the moment because on a large dataset it would take a long time and put strain on the database to do certain searches. An extended searcher would be possible by extension (i seem to recall it already having been done but i could be wrong)
    7. Searching all comments already exists - i'm not sure how it's currently limited, though. I suspect it shouldnt be too difficult to change but i'm not sure.
    8. There is a mobile stylesheet which is used on handheld devices. I used it on my 3.7" pda screen for a week with no real issues. As for use on a 1.5" mobile phone screen i really wouldnt want to go there.

    I'm still a little confused about your link to comment idea if you'd care to expand?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    If you want your forum to have "anonymous" posters, that's what the Guest account and Guest account Limiters are there for as extensions. Everything else is already there in some shape or form, otherwise you can already perform much of what you're asking for. If not, it can be coded up as an extension (while not entirely simple "yet"), it can still be done or someone can do it for you. Try a complex search, specific searches require a slightly verbose and custom syntax, but it's all doable: ie: go to search -> search by users -> and make your search: sort:Date; if you want to search and make it a little crazier, try sort:Date; with a full or partial username, if it's in there, it will find it. Depending on the speed of the server you attempt this on, it should be relativly fast. Templating in 1.0 will make the rest slightly easier if you want to screw up the layout completely to your liking. Otherwise, everything is fairly well laid out for you to get your hands dirty with :)
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited May 2006
    *html in user name, colors & bold (<b>S</b>uperman) It will be FUN! *spellcheck (has anyone tested it with firefox 2.0?)
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited May 2006
    Yes, I am aware that you dont prefer to talk about features and most of these could be written as extensions. I am just a beginner in PHP but I could make these with somebody's help I try to explain my POV. Forums have usually comments as flat\ nested \ threaded. "A-b-c" is the usual flow. On a threaded forum you turn this into "a-d-b-c" as somebody replies with comment "d" to comment "a". Links could turn this into flow of comments "a-b-c-d" as comment "d" has link to comment "a". Create your own LussumoCommentRank (c) based on these links. Do you prefer to read full or partial blog posts from RSS reader? I prefer full posts. Search all comments. Show full post. Oh Google Blog Search is a great service but it has the same problem, only partial post. "Flow" is the keyword. Or is it just me? I am quite quick to use 'page down' as I want to scan some website. By the way. Where is Guest account Limiter extension? But Vanilla core could be developed in following direction -search, search & more search -moderation. Imagine forum with hundreds or thousands of comments. Slashdot is good example, friends\ foe list works. It cuts the crap, highlights some users. I read slashdot on the +5" level as most of you . Friends will get additional "+1" that turns "4" to "5", foes & funny comments "-5". & by "friends" I just dont mean my buddies, I have added complete strangers who just seem to have something thoughtful to say.
  • ToivoToivo New
    edited June 2006
    miniswpeeper wrote that "Searches are limited at the moment because on a large dataset it would take a long time and put strain on the database to do certain searches. " what about intergrating it with Almighty Google? by default
  • Interesting idea. I have no idea how integrating google into sites works. That said if you google for "searchterm" it does a pretty good job itself. I dont think packaging it with an outside piece of software is good ethic but making a google search addon using their code (however it works) might be a very neat idea.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    This would defeat the purpose of hosting a "private" vanilla forum however. While google and other search bots already crawl anything with a link to it (unless your robots.txt denies it) most, if not all of your discussions should be indexed. The only type of helper extension I could see to make sure those discussions get indexed is by generating a sitemap.xml (which would be freeking huge) for vanilla and pointing google at it, then having it automatically updated on a regular interval.
  • and please only as extension .. leave the core slim, stable and clean ;)
  • oh, even bergamot admits it : "I've noticed that hiding a large number of comments is a pain also." ajaxify hiding?
  • my wishlist:

    - sitemap.xml implementation
  • I think Ajax hiding would be useful, similar to how the block/unblock comment switch works.
  • How to track searches? Are search terms stored in a database? Zeitgeist or some top terms for amdin. What are they looking for. "Car" or "bikes" or "motorcycles"
  • my wishlist:
    ignore user
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