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Design Critique



  • Contact me at [email protected] I have a project for you (or anyone else who does web design).
  • I don't like the tiny pixel font on the tabs. It doesn't really go with the serif font elsewhere.
  • Good idea -

    Free Image Hosting at

  • Well other than the fact that the site itself is scum, it certainly looks nice.
  • Its a shame c-unit, yours is totally superior to the others. Not sure what the guy was looking fpr. All the other designs come off as 5 years old and cheap/quick made. Ill tell you, if I was looking for something and had all those sites to choose from, I'd buy from yours. I've always included a sites design when looking for a place to do business. A shitty website does not strike me as a place that cares about their reputation and/or appearance. Tis a shame.

    I've always loved those website design sites where their site itself looks like ass. Would you buy a car from a salesmen that drove a Yugo? Didn't think so.
  • That last one, reminds me of Swell for some reason.
  • @c-unit: Much better, I especcially like that font for the 1-800 bit. What is it?
  • @Bergamot - it's all about the benjamins baby. @Krak - Who knows what he's looking for... @ben Bahaus ITC with some random font's dollar sign -
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    @c-unit - Quit it with all the competitions - get some proper work instead! (Looks like you've had plenty of offers already) You'll reap the rewards, and get paid for it ;-)
  • I considered telling him that, but it would have been a little hypocritical considering I can't find a job either.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    Hehe... well, I read daily, and there are plenty of people there with work to do, and who will take on freelancers if they have skills, just be sure to read the forum rules before posting ;-)
  • OP, please read this. You're hurting yourself by participating in those "contents". And, as you can see, you're efforts no matter how good (and yours are) go unrewarded.
  • fish - I've read the no-spec stuff, but getting contests was a great way for me to make some real world designs, but since I've had some more solid offers recently, I may slow down on the contests. But I should prolly wait 'til school's over and I'll have more time to devot to such projects.
  • C-unit, to comment on your design, I think it's absolutely marvelous. I especially love the branding, logo design is such a tough thing, and I think what you've created lives up to the brand. The colors are very reminiscent of medieval times, or what I think to be. I also love that there is definite seperation between elements, people don't seem to realize that it's the organization of info that makes sites beautiful, not just the graphics. Good work all around.
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    I know you're not pursuing it any more, but FWIW I just saw another example of what I wrote here:
    ... use the space in the red graduated bar to the right of legendary toys for a category related image, e.g. dragon, dinosaur, mermaid etc. You could keep the red graduated background and have just something that evokes the theme emerge out of it, perhaps hang over it ...
    the 01-04 strips on: (and, man, Bello does look good on it)
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    I know I'm supposed to stop entering contests but they're like crack for me -

    Updated, wee-

  • Copyright?
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  • c-uint - did you have any luck - or get any paid jobs yet? i'm about to start a shopping cart design so just looking back at this post for some inspiration :)
  • nah, I'm in two contests now - I'm also doing a bit of work for a guy who I got doing a contest. I've had interest in some paid work, but nothing solid yet.
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