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How Can I custome Announcements in the Discussion Page

Hi, I want to edit the .css for make it more visible, but I edit something and nothing happen.
Thanks :D


  • @pinguisl

    Which css file did you edit?

    Are you using the minify plugin?

    Which theme are you using?

  • I'm using Bootstrap.

  • In the themes folder, inside Bootstrap, there should be a folder called design, and inside that a file called custom.css.

    That would normally be the file to change.

    This assumes that you are NOT using minify, otherwise you won't see your changes until you turn it off.

  • There isn't an announcement class :(

  • No, you have to add it.

    The custom.css file of a theme only contains the changes the author wanted to make to css - all other declarations come from the default file.

    Assuming you are using 2.1.18 this should work:

     .DataList li.Announcement {
    your declarations
  • I did it but It didn't work, I'm using 2.1a33:

  • Using 2.1 you need to add this to the config.php file to see css changes

        $Configuration['DebugAssets'] = TRUE;
  • pinguislpinguisl New
    edited December 2012

    OK, But It works only when you aren't logged

  • whu606whu606 MVP
    edited December 2012


    Trying it on a testing site, it seems to need !important added.

    For example

    background: #000 !important;

    worked to set the bg to black.

  • edited December 2012

    never mind...complication removed

  • @vrijvlinder

    Since I clearly said that my last solution works on my 2.1 testing site, I'm not sure why you feel the need to add another, over-complicated one.

    At the least, it might have been better to wait for the OP's response to my last post.

  • pinguislpinguisl New
    edited December 2012

    Ok, Thanks for all :D and now I don't know why my web doesn't work. Holy Shit!

  • It still not showing when I'm logged @whu606 :(

  • @pinguisl

    But it is showing when you aren't logged in?

    What have you actually added to custom.css?

  • This is my custom.css I have written at the end. It shows only when I'm not logged in.

  • @pingusil

    Sorry, but I'm not wading through all that!

    Do you mean that no changes show if you are logged in, or only the change made to the announcement box?

    If the latter, just post the declaration re: the announcement here.

  • no changes show if I'm logged in

  • Post an example of a change you have made.

    Add this to custom.css, and confirm it works when you are logged out, then log in and see what happens.

        background: #000 !important;
  • Thanks now it's working!

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