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Profile page

edited August 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I think it would be fantastic if when users click on other's user names they would see a easily customizable profile page like a mini myspace type of deal. or atleast a place to put your own information in html format so we could make profiles and put them there and I could guide my users on what to change and give them all mini html lessons... Any input?


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    Well they already have a customisable profile to some extent, they get a picture and as many little info boxes as they want.

    I think completely customisable profiles, with HTML and whatnot, would just lead to abnoxious myspace-esque profiles.
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    i'd use "display:blank;" if I was allowed
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    Yeah I kind of like the myspace design for what I really want to create. I don't want it to be overly cusomisable. You know one picture or so that way I could make forums for people directories and such. Maybe just a little blurb on who they are and something that I could push to all accounts in certain groups as a news section that when they log in they see their profile first and then they can go to the forums.
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    Isnt there a add-on that adds something like this to user profiles. Like a required field or something? I thought there was.

    I think having HTML code and allowing users to do whatever they want would cause ugliness and issues. But I guess you could make an extension to allow HTML? I dunno.

    Like Ben said, you can add as many fields to your profile as you like, make them whatever you want. And with the theming system you could arrange it to look however you want. So any/as many data fields as you want and a profile pic and avatar icon... what are you missing - besides custom user HTML?
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Hmmm. I guess you could use the object factory and completely override the profile control to make a totally custom thing. Then also override the profile form to allow you to edit it. Kind of a neat idea.

    The others might not like your idea, but it is definitely possible.
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    I like it mark! I think someone smart should make an extension out of it. Please if someone runs with it or Mark makes it an option (doubtful as he is stripping it down) it would be a great option to have them directed to that as soon as they log in and/or atleast have a way I could push updates fullpage or in the corner of their profile. When I want to inform every member of a change like tom does on myspace... This rocks! Thanks Mark!
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    Ok I've done some thinking. Could someone add a custom css profile page at the least?... This would not help any of my users but would make it a start for others to develope css styles for profiles that they could share.... I would like the possibility of adding and responding to comments on someone's profile... Both private and public. Is anyone with me or am I just stuck in loserville with no way of ever getting this unless I learn how to create it all myself...?
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    I think this is a neat idea...

    I believe the stylesheet could be linked simply with an extension that linkes the userID to an $Head->AddStyleSheet, but you would need some form of an upload to get them on your server (I am assuming not many of your users have a place to upload a style.)...(hack account pictures extension?)

    I also forsee a profile section being made HTML-editable...

    Afraid I don't have any time to devote to this.
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