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How Difficult Will Themeing Be?

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Hello again everyone! It's been a long while since I've perused these forums, so if this post is misplaced / has already been covered I apologize in advance. Anywho, I looked at Vanilla a while ago and was kind of put back by how "difficult" it was to style it, thus I've waited until the release of version one (and the promise of a templating system). I was just wondering how difficult will it be to style a theme for version one? I don't have access to the beta, so I can't check for myself, if anyone could help me out here that'd be lovely. Have a nice day.


  • Its very easy. That was one of the areas of major improvement in 1.0.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    It's relativly easy CSS-wise if you know what you're dealing with, but there's still a hurdle or three to jump when hitting the actual templates. Overall though, if you're up to it, it's not as painful as it might appear.
  • If you have themed something like Textpattern or Wordpress, then there shouldn't be any problems understanding the underlying concept of it, and even for a complete noobie, it should be easy if you know CSS and HTML.
  • That's a relief, I've got big plans for one-point-oh and I've made plenty of templates for textpattern to know what's up. Thanks for your replies.
  • Your nick is very wrong, just plaing wrong :D *snickers*
  • haha
  • My nickname is actually an amalgimation of me and my three of my family members names, the "media" portion just got tacked on at the end. Thanks for the link.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    now that I take time to quickly think about it, and I mean no offense, but I seriously think you chose a bad order for that acronym/amalgamation if you take out the media portion of it. ^_^
  • Don't worry about it, I purposely did that. Still I've seen much nastier names on image design forums.
  • I just read it as 'Standard Media'.
  • So did I.
  • i read it as both.
  • I just have this image in my mind from Family Guy where the clown twists balloon animals and says "you know why I'm happy? because I'm free of s, t, ds" But it's more of a combination of me and my cat, I bet that if it was just bitey, he would come up with a cat, mouse & trap solution. As for me, I just love it since it's fuzzy.
  • in the page_end where do we put our css tags before the echo '</body> </html>'; ?> or after ? the vanilla documentation is somewhat vague :)
  • in the css file, vanilla.css
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    I meant the css tags or should I say html tags <div id="pokemon"> meant to say html he he
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