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language file oddness

edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
so i made my own Danish.php, and edited nearly everything but the administration stuff. i also edited the "Sticky" text, but now i changed my mind, i want it to say something else again, but i can't find it again! i also can't find out where to edit the "phantom" text. and it also looks like there's no way to edit the "xx minutes ago" to something else. ...or is there?


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    The Text for Sticky (and bookmark, closed etc.) you set in your admin settings.

    "xx minutes ago etc." are in definitions.php around line 450 beginning with $Context->Dictionary['XDayAgo']

    What do you mean by "phantom text"? Some text definitions are in the respective extension default.php files.
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    "phantom" as in "x phantom users" (in the who's online) i just realised that that must be in the extension files... duh! ;) thanks for the other help!
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    Dont forget to upload your translation to the addons dir for others to use :)
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    am i retarded, or is there no definitions.php? (0.9.2)
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    it's your danish.php or whatever you're using. definitions.php is in 0.9.3 where languages are in seperate folders i think.
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    oh well, then i can't find it! searching for "dayago" or "minute" or "hour" or any of that gives me: "Done. Not found in the current document."
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    Hmm. That just might be one of the things which mark forgot to include in the language file when he stripped all references out before to make vanilla multi-lingu-able. There was a dictionary overhaul for 0.9.3 to change the structure of certain things and include a few bits he's missed.

    I hate to tell you, but if you were doing a translation you'd really have been best working with the 0.9.3 files :(
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    aw crap... what i did was going to the website, downloading the file on the frontpage, and installing vanilla 0.9.2... guess i'll have to wait for 1.0 for that.
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    edited May 2006
    Well i believe the file which needs translating is as thats from the new version. I'd wait for someone to confirm that though.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
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    Sorry, I should have said that my comments refer to v1.0.

    For what it's worth, the definitions.php for the soon to come v1.0 is a good deal shorter than the 0.9.2... version and uses much of the same text.
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    I have some oddness too,

    I added to the file the following

    $Context->SetDefinition('ApplyForMembership', 'Sign me up');

    as it says in the docs

    and it displays

    $Context->SetDefinition('ApplyForMembership', 'Sign me up'); at the top of the page instead of the changing the ApplyForMembership text


    what have I done wrong ?
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    edited April 2007
    In a language file, you should add new entries like this: $Context->Dictionary['ApplyForMembership'] = 'Sign me up';

    Although, preferrably you should add it to /conf/language.php, instead of /languages/English/definitions.php so it won't get overwritten when you upgrade.
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    let me revise my post

    I haven't touched the definitions.php

    what I have done is added

    $Context->SetDefinition('ApplyForMembership', 'Sign me up');

    to the conf/language.php in order to override the existing values (as it says in the docs)

    and rather than over riding the the existing values it just displays the text I added

    $Context->SetDefinition('ApplyForMembership', 'Sign me up');

    bjrn are you saying that to the docs are wrong and I have to create a completely new language set just to overide a few values
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    I just read your edit

    I have now put $Context->Dictionary['ApplyForMembership'] = 'Sign me up'; in the /conf/language.php

    and it displays $Context->Dictionary['ApplyForMembership'] = 'Sign me up'; on the top of the page

    should the be something else in the file ?
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    If you have no other custom dictionary entries, /conf/language.php should look like this:
    <?php $Context->Dictionary['ApplyForMembership'] = 'Sign me up'; ?>
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    ahh, that explains the problem.

    i'm a muppet

    Thanks bjrn you have saved me from my own stupity.
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    strangely it works, now that I have put the php code within the php tags

    *smacks self round head*
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