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Installed 2.1, but posts are nowhere to be found?

ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭
edited January 2013 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Decided to check out 2.1 and installed it a few mins ago, but for some reason only users carried over and not posts or topics. I used the same database.

Any clues?

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  • You aren't going to be able to upgrade from an earlier version of Vanilla by simply pointing the new files at the old DB. Nice try though :D

  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    I entered my database details on the vanilla 2.1 setup page, why wouldn't that work? :(

    /clueless fool

  • Lincoln stated:

    Upgrading: If you do decide to try out some flavor of 2.1, please take extra care upgrading. Proper backups are key. I recommend deleting /themes/mobile and /applications/dashboard/views/default.master.php before copying over your new files. If you don't run utility/update, your site is going to be broken.

    Did you run the update utility?

  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    It says "The update was successful", but I still see no posts or categories. Only users and avatars.

  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    So basically the forum says "no discussions found", but all users and postcounts are intact. Any tips on this?

  • First : Look in the Database / Discussions and Comments tables whether your content is still there.

    Then turn on the Debug plugin and see which SQL queries are executed.
    Last, see with the SQL queries whether there's some kind of crazy filter that stops your content from showing.

    Did you 'upgrade' locally or on a server? Url?

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  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    They appear to be empty, aside from the test posts I made.. :/

    That's strange considering postcounts and users carried over.. hum..

  • Post counts is a different table than discussions and comments.

    Suggestion : Restore only discussions and comments tables from your backup and then run the /update function. Let's see if you get all your contents back.
    Make a backup before you restore discussions and comments.

    Alternative is restore entire DB en re-try the upgrade (let's see what my fellow forum users suggest though)

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  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    There is no GDN_Discussions, but there'a GDN_Discussion. Am I supposed to have both, or is it the same one?


    Fair enough. My own backups are too old unfortunately, but my hosts should have some newer ones available.

  • ZhaanZhaan Professional fool ✭✭

    Oh well! Reverted back to normal via backups. Guess I should wait for an official 2.1 porter.

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