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how to reduce the GDN_Session database size?


i just noticed that the table size of GDN_Session in my mysql database is already at 2,5 mb without even going public with the forum. how big is that going to be? is the data necessary, can it be deleted? whats the best strategy to handle that?

(i use the bridge to wordpress with single sign-in.)



  • Hmmz... so you're still in the testing phase? Take a look at the user Id's from that table. Multiple records for the same User ID?
    I think when the session table is cleaned, your users will be logged out from Vanilla.
    If you want to give SQL queries periodically, take a look at this plugin :

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  • netigatenetigate New
    edited January 2013

    so, if i got u right, then actually nothing more would happen then just logging everybody out for that session, right?

    it might be that there is a lot of crap in there. i had a couple test users, who i deleted.

  • Backup - Truncate the table (phpMyAdmin) and let's see. I don't think it's a problem.

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  • alright, just want to go 100% sure (our launch is soon) - is there somebody else with an idea?

  • ok. i trucnated the table, but after a few days it was already up again to 2 mb. i am expecting 33 000 users and i am starting to worry now, what would happen to the that table if these masses of people arrive and make some noise. any experience with that?

  • aeryaery Gtricks Forum in 2.2 :) ✭✭✭

    I just truncated my table of 80MB size. No problioms.

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  • GaryFunkGaryFunk Senior Application Developer ✭✭

    Interesting. My session table has always been empty.

  • @GaryFunk said:
    Interesting. My session table has always been empty.

    are you using a connection to wordpress? @GaryFunk are you? there might be something with that

    i would rather have vanilla automatically truncating the table every day. ideas how to solve that?

  • GaryFunkGaryFunk Senior Application Developer ✭✭

    I don't use wordpress.

  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    what possible forum could you have that would launch with 33,000 users....

    anyway, my session table is pretty large, and contains session entries from 2011 (site launch) so it doesn't appear to be self cleaning.

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