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Best domain registrar?

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I've heard all sorts of things about different ones - opinions? (I have none)


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    If you want just a no frills, register, point and pay(shoot) domain name, i'd say go through . Friend of mine recommended them in place of the dypical monsters I originally registered through, moved and have since been fairly satisfied. $15USD per year, can't really go wrong as long as you update regularly and update your account early.
  • I ended up using NameCheap because I read some good things and they supported PayPal. I am now the proud owner of
  • I use for all my domains (3).

    I've been using them for about 3 years, domains are around $8 bucks (US) per year. They got an ok administration interface. And I have had absolutely no issues with them at all. I continue to go back.
  • I've stuck with -- love the admin system and the prices are pretty good as well (especially with the discounts you can get from watching diggnation or searching the net).
  • I use 123reg here in the UK. To my knowledge it's the cheapest place around, admin interface could be a lot worse (there are improvements i could suggest), and the only problem i had was when they seemed to have deleted my whole account (16 domains), but that was just stupidity.
  • I just registered my first domain a while ago from I've been very satisfied with their easy interface and fast responce on everything. I first tried to look into Godaddy since I heard it was one of the best, but really found the interface uneasy. They had lots of information and I had to look for the information way too much. I just gave up and went to see Joker and set up my new domain in like 2 minutes.
  • I'm a happy registerfly user, though I haven't really tried anything else.
  • i've used both joker and godaddy. i'll probably use godaddy in the future, but joker was fantastic until i got my new job, and i can't access their site due to some bizarre routing issues. no fault of joker's. but i will use godaddy in the future because the people in charge of it seem to have a fantastic grasp on important issues regarding the internet, and do a lot to maintain transparency. i've also called their phone support due to a mistake i made, and the rep i spoke with really knew what he was doing, which was pretty refreshing. outside of that, godaddy's interface is freakin' ugly and OMG cluttered - but if you can get past that, they're fantastic.
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    I have about 25 domains at namecheap. They are OK, which as far as registars go is plenty good. $8.88 is great-ate-ate! Our company has several domains at networksolutions. Of course, they are expensive, unless you are willing to comit to a nine-year registration. Then the price works out to $15/year. I have started moving some of the domains that we want to register only on a year to year basis over to godaddy. The site is cluttered as can be and confusing, but I was very surpised to get a call from them soon after the first transfer. The worst registrar I ever used was the first registrar I ever used: namesecure. This was during the late 90s when there were only a half dozen places outside networksoltions that did registrations. Late one night I tried to register a couple domains. The registration went through, but a few days later they were gone from my account. When I inquired, they said the order was cancelled because of a fraud alert on the credit card used. (This was BS. There was no fraud alert on the card.) By this time, all my precious new domains had been registered by those who troll the listings of recently expired domains. Namesecure wouldn't even respond to my complaints. Needless to say I was extremely pissed and immediately transferred everything out of there.
  • the president of godaddy supports torture. i won't give them any of my money.
  • if you can find a cache or active copy of that document... i'd like to see it.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Ditto, that seems a bit fucked up!
  • Best copy I could find (though obviously modified) is here, at the bottom of the page.
  • All of my domains are registered through $5.99 a year and a great control panel.
  • I support torture if the person is a terrorist and if we torture them they have info on how to save other people.
  • then i won't give you any of my money either :)
  • First requested Swell feature: Automatic caching of a linked-to webpage URL. If the page referred to is changed, the link automatically switches to the cache.
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    They're phucking terrorists, and they have information that will save the lives of thousands of innocent people.
  • this is just not the place to have this debate
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Yeah, ithcy has a point, leave this for another discussion elsewhere, on with domain registrars.
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