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Membership Applicants - no search results

edited May 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I just downloaded and installed V - what was pretty easy with installer.php - finding the old german translation add-on was harder ;-) Now having problems with the german membership applicants (registrierungen bearbeiten). Somehow the user search does not work - no search results in the german version. Still searching for "roles:Applicant;sort:Date;" Is there already a solution for this problem. Or better - where do I get V 1.0 from? Seems that most of the people and add-ons in this forum are made for V 1.0! Thanxs in advance...


  • lechlech Chicagoland
    if you've set your forum up to automatically validate users "roles:Applicant;sort:Date;" won't appear to work as there won't be any users with Applicant roles. Create a dummy account if you already havent to confirm this and see if that account becomes an applicant or member upon signup. If you can work your way around SVN you can export a copy from : be warned you will likely run into a bug or two. :)
  • Wasnt there an issue with roles:Applicant when language capabilities were put into vanilla? I seem to remember there being a problem of some sorts but i forget what it was or if/when it was fixed. It was certainly a while ago...
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I want to say that there wasn't, at least none that I remember coming across. Then again, I could be terribly wrong and this bug just never got noticed if that is the fact. I'll try it here under svn440 and see if I can reproduce it in a little while. Meanwhile, elendil72, can you confirm that this also happens when you switch your forum back to the default english language file or not? If it's 0.9.x or svn, it's worth checking out, and seeing if this can be localized to one setup or if it's global.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Ok, just took the time to test this, with all 3 of the available language files (firefox renders russian as <?> marks all over the damn place for me btw). But at least here I can confirm that while in english, when new applicants sign up, you can see them, then as soon as you switch the language, it's copperfield, and they're gone! I'll document this on the dev forum, nice find elendil.
  • What search are you using to find them lech? Is it using role:foreignwordforapplicant or role:applicant? cause i think whichever it is it needs to be the other.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Mini, this seems to only affect searches upon Applicants when language files are in use, like with the original example elendil posted. Try it yourself, snag all the language files off of the site, do you average garden variety search in that language to make sure things work. Then, attempt it on an example in your own forum by registering users as applicants first, then creating a new "applicant" role member. Search using the specified criteria and you'll see that the default "search for new users" type of "search" instantly doesn't work unless you're using english for the site-wide language file. I would consider it a strange behaviour, but something in need of repair.
  • Hi, thanks for directly response! The bug definitly only occures with the german language file (german.php). So I found a workaround and simply modified the translation applicant=anwärter to applicant=anwearter. Now using the search string: "roles:anwearter;" works fine. Not the perfect solution, but it works ;-)
  • Yeah, i thoguht it had something to do with the translation of the search term. Interesting though. I wonder if mark can fix this somehow?
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