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How to get facebook connect to work.

Hi guys, firstly hello its nice to meet you all : )
Secondly I apologise if this is another thread asking the same old question thats been asked 100's of times before, but all the "solutions" I've found either dont work for me, or they are too advanced for my skills and I cant ask "errm how do I do that?" because all the threads I've come accross about this subject are now closed : (

Here's my problem...
I have been trying for weeks to get the facebook connect to work on my vanilla forum. Its enabled on the dashboard, I have created the app on fb, I've entered the correct SSL canvas url, the correct app secret and correct app I.D. There are no spaces lol and still no matter what I do I get the dreaded "UniqueID is required" I'm tearing my hair out! At first I thought it was because of the secure ssl, as I was with free (unreliable) hosting, so I took the plunge to switch to paid hosting hoping a more secure, respectable hosting service would make a difference lol sadly not : ( Please can someone help me how to fix this? I'm not exactly tech savvy, the extent of my skills is knowing how to upload something via ftp and keep my website updated lol
Can anyone help a poor technophobe girl out???


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    Hi, thanks for the reply but I have already tried that. I even did it twice because after the first time I wanted to make sure I didnt make a mistake. I have also tried all the solutions in every other threads on the subject. The only one I wasnt able to try was one with a lot of code in it as I didnt have a clue on how do do anything written in that thread : ( If anyone else could help me that would be greatly appreciated : )

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    Well today I even deleted my facebook app, and made a new one, that didnt work! I have re-installed and installed vanilla I dont know how many times : ( That hasnt made a difference. I dont know what else to do!!! I can provide my app details etc if anyone else has any ideas??? I'm just so frustrated, I thought it was supposed to be easy to set it up : ( What am I missing lol Has anyone successfully installed the facebook plug in and created the app of facebook? Maybe you could walk me through it step by step? I'm already fluent in every tutorial I've read to do this, but if its still not working there must be something I'm missing right? If it helps, the open Id connect thing is no longer working either.... and yes I have the latest version of vanilla : ( Any ideas anyone???

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    Hello is there anyone out there??? : )

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    KasperKasper Scholar of the Bits Copenhagen Vanilla Staff

    You'll have to manually update the Facebook plugin to the latest version from Github to fix this issue. You can find it here:

    Kasper Kronborg Isager (kasperisager) | Freelance Developer @Vanilla | Hit me up: Google Mail or Vanilla Mail | Find me on GitHub

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    Hi, I clicked the link but I don't know what to do with it lol When I click on the facebook section it just brings up a page full of gobbledy gook writing, which I'm guessing I have to put somewhere or add somewhere, but like I said before my capabilities are very limited!!! Can anyone at least provide me with a step by step process on what to actually do instead of just pointing me to the same threads and solutions that I have already seen and tried or dont know how to do??? I've been trying to get this to work since before xmas and I'm running out of patience : ( Is there maybe a support email I can use? Maybe I filled something out wrong on the facebook app???

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited February 2013

    1. you copy the entire new code for class.facebook.plugin.php into the class.facebook.plugin.php file you have (delete the contents first so you don't mix the new with the old by mistake or make sure you select all then paste)

    2. you copy the entire code for settings.php into settings.php file you have

    Enable it in the dashboard.

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