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Issue using....

OK i get this when trying to use this mod. (latest version of the mod and the Vanilla forum is also latest version).

The requested URL /vf/vanilla/settings/categoryheadings/HeadCat/1/1 was not found on this server.

I have dashboard Version and i would like to use this mod with it. But i get the error above. How do i fix this?? Please help me. I want to use this forum with this mod cause this mod would be the only reason why i would use the vanilla forum software.


  • Try using that url, but remove /1 from the end.

  • How?? I get that error when i click the heading or lock button of any of my test categorys.

  • OnlyAnExcuseOnlyAnExcuse ✭✭
    edited February 2013

    Okay, someone else had a similar issue:

    Have you altered .htaccess?

  • alex809alex809 New
    edited February 2013

    I have not edited anything yet. All i have done is install it, Create 3 test categorys and try that mod out. Other then that i have not done a single thing to Vanilla.

    Its a fresh installation that i just installed like an hour ago maybe.

    And there is no vanilla folder inside the /vf directory and theres no settings folder either. I downloaded Vanilla from "download now" . Is that just the core files or is that the actual forum software? If its the core files then were do i get the actual forum software from?

    EDIT: Just found out. The Vanilla folder is inside the Applications folder so it must be searching for the stuff in the wrong location but im going to try a fresh installation.

  • Nope. Fresh installation with the same error.

    The requested URL /vf/vanilla/settings/categoryheadings/HeadCat/1/1 was not found on this server.

    So i think its searching in the wrong section. And im doing this on my localhost server (WAMP)

  • As is the case on the other thread, it's where on the server Vanilla is looking so there's a problem somewhere and as it's on WAMP that may be more to do with how it's configured.

    Vanilla 2.1 has the feature built in as standard, you can see from my site how it splits them up:
    Discussions -
    Categories -

    Vanilla 2.1 is still in development, but i've been using it for some time with no problems. Since you're testing it on localhost it's worth trying out.

    You can get the 2.1 branch here:

  • OK so how would i be able to do something like this?

    Thats more or less what i was looking for actually.

    & would it be possible for me to get a copy of your theme so i can fool around with its colors and such to? I like your forum design and would love to play around with it and possibly use it if that's alright with you after i do some modifications to colors etc.

    I will also test out the 2.1 branch.

  • you need server rules working (.htaccess) and $Configuration['Garden']['RewriteUrls'] = TRUE; in config.

    I will upload a new version that can work without RewriteUrls

    grep is your friend.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    @alex809 You can clone any theme you want. Even this forum's theme, just look at the css code and copy the custom.css file contents onto your clone.css and just pick apart one the themes here or several lol and get the parts you need to edit to put it together . It is a lot of fun,at least for me it is. Aery has a nice theme called Nebula, it's nabulous !! check it out. My advice is, download them all !!!

  • The theme I use is @kasperisager's Apptastic which is here - -
    But the theme is made for for 2.1, not

    The menu colour is achieved by replacing a single graphic file and the footer I added myself.

    To set categories as standard view, that's also an option on the admin dashboard.

  • The latest resolves the url regardless of if you have pretty urls.

    grep is your friend.

  • alex809alex809 New
    edited February 2013

    hahahaha i just noticed that i had downloaded the wrong version of category headings XD, It works now.

    How do i remove the "All Categories" thingy?? and i cant figure out how to do the theming system even using the default theme renamed. Its driving me nuts trying to figure it out.

    Plus how would i rip vanilla themes??? I mean the ripping part is easy but the CSS where would i put it?? Im not used to the whole idea where there is no HTML editor in the Dashboard to use to edit templates and themes. So that would be nice to know.


    EDIT: Also i wasnt able to get Vanilla Garden (2.1) to work. I had installed it and the home page and dashboard didnt have a style. It was all links and white page with everything on the left like there was no design.

  • i think you need this for the "all categories" thingie for v2.1

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