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A UseBB2 Developer's Opinion



  • Any particular reason for continuing this flame war?
  • I guess I'm just lucky. I'm not a geek, don't know much, don't even know what AJAX & Web 2.0 are. Didn't know what php was until recently, and you could still fit my knowledge inside a fly's brain. I just chose Vanilla 'cause it looked nice and the forum people (that's all you guys) seemed fun and helpful. And I just happened to choose forum software that had lot's of other good features as well. One day maybe I'll know enough to understand what they all are, but for now, I'm just plain lucky! Or something. Keep the faith and sail on!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I think I'll let this discussion sink... I don't even know what phorum is ... but the name makes me queazy.
  • the flame of this thread is larger than the one of my vintage WW2 zippo :-O
  • I said it's a variant of Phorum, not a clone. And if you develop forum software I can't imagine you don't know Phorum, it's one of the oldest PHP forum packages and was even used by until they switched to FUDforum (as it's developed by a developer of PHP) this year. I guess the person who copied my opinion here must have done this with the intention to start a flame war. I can't see any other reason. You can't be happy and satisfied with every forum solution that exists, I'm not even with my own v1 version and frankly admit that, so how would I promote my own one that way? But there's no need to flame about a partially negative opinion (and it was even targeted at Web 2 instead of Vanilla). I wonder why you don't even reply to my email, Mark...
  • Where does this "Vanilla is so succesfull because it's so web 2.0" come from, I never would have gotten interested of Vanilla if it's main focus wasn't light weight and speed, no word of "web 2.0" or any other cucoo. I just think that people are blinded by their own cleverness, they think that Vanilla is what is on the surface, but actually all the raw brawn and power comes from the underlying code, just like why TXP and Wordpress are so popular, neither of them have had any excess technology but still had the raw power to be anything, just like Vanilla.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    bergamot, check out all the fish I caught!
  • I said it's a variant of Phorum, not a clone.

    Variant means "something that differs in form only slightly from something else".

    If you want to say that Vanilla is a variant of Phorum then you have to say that ALL forums are a variant of Phorum.
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    Well it's not because you interpret it that way means I meant it like that. I know many forum software packages, including old ones like w-Agora upto the new ones like Distopic. Vanilla resembles Phorum the most. Why? Because the look of the two is practically the same. Is there something wrong with that? No. It does not "clone" Phorum like some other projects do with vBulletin and IPB. I was just saying that to compare Vanilla with "Web 1" style forums. Like Kosmo said people shouldn't judge software by how it looks, but still many do, and that was "what I find so sad" about the Web 2 hype and how older projects are judged. If you check out an interview I did at TAZ last year, you'll notice I said that back then too. Just in case you wouldn't believe me. So, it was not an insult, as I have said numerous times now, sorry if it looked like that. I just find it sad this topic was posted here with the ientention to cause a flame war like this, it makes me even more sad this topic was started by a moderator of this community.
  • FYI, ben isnt a moderator, that was a bug with the to 0.9.3 upgrade.
  • Oh, OK. :D
  • test test
  • Nope, I'm not a moderator. I just happened to read the same blog you did.

    I wasn't trying to start a war here.. *hides*
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I wonder why you don't even reply to my email, Mark...

    I'm out of town on business, and for some reason most networks out here won't allow me to connect to my SMTP Server and send email. It's really, really annoying. I would have replied otherwise...
  • Okay, so no problem then. I hope this matter is resolved now. ;)
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