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Edit Discussion Rules (Screenshot Included)

I was wondering if it is possible to edit the "Discussion Rules" box each user sees when posting a new comment. I have been searching through my files to no avail, so any guidance would be a life saver.


Also, I've included this in another post, but if anyone could provide advice on how to "hide" the portion crossed out with the red x in the screenshot, not giving the user the option to choose to "Start a New Discussion" I would love you forever.

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    Please ignore this. I'm slow today. No need to alter discussion rules. Am still interested in figuring out how to remove the part in the red x though.

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    422422 Developer MVP

    well with the greatest respect, you have to have one as default. As you are using the Q and A plugin by the look of it ( maybe native to 2.1 I dont know )

    So its like getting in your car, and saying we need to go from A to B , but someone has deleted or hidden the Motorway and also the normal roads.
    You cannot then get from A to B because the route has been removed, plus the option for it is no longer there.

    So in essence, if you just had ONE choice for users, lets say : start a discussion, and the Ask a Question ( did not exist )

    Then hiding it with css is the easiest method.

    However, I am not sure the system, could reconcile choice if you hide both, as it would not know where to send new thread, as its definition is hidden....

    Do you understand ?

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    kirkpa31kirkpa31 ✭✭
    edited February 2013

    Yes, I believe so, I do feel that hiding it would be the best/easiest option. However, I've tried to find the location of these functions in a .css file and have no clue where to look. Is creating a custom.css file within my theme the only way to go?

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    422422 Developer MVP

    like i said, if you wish to hide .. the block you identify above. First off you need to ( I think ) disable the Q and A plugin, as its about as much use as a chocoloate teapot. If you are gonna hide it anyway.

    That way each discussion will default to ( Start a New Discussion )

    From here you can then create some custom rules. To do so...

    goto your forum> themes > your theme > design >

    Add a new file called custom.css ( or open it if it doesnt already exist ) then edit it to suit your needs.

    But If you get rid of Q and A, I think your problem is 90% solved anyway

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    Thank you much @422! I will get to work on this as this is hopefully the final design alternation I needed to pester you guys with.

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