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How to figure out what could be wrong...then ask for help

vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
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I am still quite new here, but have been here long enough to notice people having the same issues but don't know it, creating new questions when the answers are all here but they might not know what to look for.

You must use some kind of web inspector or browser extension like Firebug to look at the files that are being served. Usually when things go wrong, you can look in there and find the missing file or the file will be in red indicating it is not being served.
You need to do some research in order to craft the proper question relevant to your problem. Sometimes the problem seems bigger because the question does not apply as it should to the actual issue.

Before asking for help you must gather as much information from your server , your host , error logs and capture a screenshot. Once you are armed with this knowledge , people here can better help resolve the issue as fast as possible with less guessing.

**"I don't know what is wrong" **, neither do the people who could help only if they had the info necessary to answer the query. So unless you don't mind that we might resort to the use of a crystal ball to aid in the guessing game, you must supply the most amount of information you can gather about the issue.

Asking the right question is the key to speedy resolution. But before you ask, input into the search bar the question you plan to ask.

You will be surprise how many people ask the same thing and use the same language even in other languages... Tags help with this too but some people don't use them. The words are what get the pages, so when you search, any words like that, words that are used on any discussion come up and helps to find the answer.

For example:

Input in the search bar "I get a Bonk error" , not enough info? then search "I get a Bonk error when I click new discussion.." or " Bonk in mobile" you see the point? when it applies, the answers are easy to find. The more correlation to the issue the easier to search and find.

"I looked around but nothing applies to my issue" , that better be true because it is like crying wolf more often than not. There is a difference between nothing applying and nothing found that applies. If nothing is found that applies then the issue might not be caused by the this software.

Please know that Both scenarios are highly unlikely because so many people use this software and share in the experience of problems and resolutions. You need to do a bit of homework and be prepared so you can be helped efficiently most of all..

Remember that You must be the one who fixes it on the other end and need some knowledge about how to apply the help provided.

Proper research leads to figuring out what could be wrong, don't despair , search properly instead :) .

Keep in mind that the community here is made up of users and volunteers and do not profit from helping you. If you gained knowledge from the community, show it by clicking on a reaction, or just give thanks to show appreciation.

Most important is to help yourself and try to fix the problems yourself before asking for help. Most often than not you will have found the solutions before anyone had time to answer your question.

It is not acceptable to "Remove" and or erase a question or discussion you started so think carefully what you want to ask. People do not like to have their time wasted helping you just so you could remove the topic because you found a solution or asked too soon then realized how to fix it and decided to cancel the question by erasing the content and replacing it with "Removed" . Discussions never get removed....

You must post your solution if that is the case. That is how you repay the community. By passing on useful information that can help someone else.



  • /clap @vrijvlinder

    I dont speak nice english but can try to know what u said more up! Im really noob and new on this comunity, have new forum with only 3 months of live.

    So.. i have so much problems every day and i solved 80% of this problems searching here. When i dont know "how to" is when i ask, but always first i try to fix alone.

    Is the best way to have a really cool comunity!! and free of spam! :D

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