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Need html5 / iframed video support


I badly need some solution to be able to use in posts html5 or so called iframed videos from youtube, at least....

I am not using flash for a long while, the latest adobe flash plugins are always incompatible with the latest firefox'es or cause browser to crash....There are more and more users from mobile devices and many without flash; on the other hand - most youtube videos are available now in html5....

So, may be there is some solution or plugin for this?!

I was searching hardly, but I've found only 2 topics about the subject , both some while ago and I can't make them work....

(for a reference and this , but nothing really working....)



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    Just post the youtube url in a post

    [ removed video by 422 ]

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  • No, it redirects to Flash/embed , all I see is "plugin disabled"

  • what are you using.

    Works for me on mac , iphone and ipad

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  • try adding the link like this , I added a space before the www to be able to show the link without embedding it here...


    by adding the watch?v renders the player the stuff after the = is the file name/id

    that works on all browsers , I suspect the same could be done to other videos.

  • I am using Firefox with Disabled Flash, well, to make it clear - sometimes when I badly need, I do switch to Opera and watch just flash....But youtube is serving most videos for me in Firefox in html5...Also, there are tons of users using Adblocks to block flash banners

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    I use ff, safari and chrome. Works flawlessly. Very odd. Youtube delivers the video to you based on your browser capabilities.

    Dont use embed. Post the URL

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  • When I put the link, it delivers in Flash, because in the code is a reference to serve it in flash objects, in phpbb is a BB code for html5 and it serves in html5

  • I am using Firefox with Disabled Flash

    That may the biggest problem...It could be flash or anything, but all media runs on some type of flash. If you use script block you must allow youtube. html5 is just like any html just with less hassle. Most everything should work in any event ...

    Adblocks to block flash banners

    They can select what to block or unblock you can't get around that

  • I am talking basically about this code : $Spec = 'object=-classid-type, -codebase; embed=type(oneof=application/x-shockwave-flash)'; --> It gives me flash, but I want html5

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    There is a fix, but you would need to play with the Vanilla API. Plus I am no expert on youtubes api. A very good friend of mine is. If you really need help.

    Essentially, you need to add: html5=1 to the end of your URL

    < iframe src="">< /iframe>

    You can email him via his site his name is Nirvana

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    Where is that code? you do understand that even though it is an iframe , that the contents are flash ?

    here is one way of embedding

    <  object width="640" height="385">< param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" >< param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" >< embed src=";" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="385" >< /object >

    here is another

    < iframe src=";" width="640" height="385" >< /iframe >


    < embed src=";" width="640" height="385" >< /embed >

    or you could use the stuff on the link. Which is supposed to make this above here obsolete.

  • I know there should be a way around, and I think if I would be able to add a BB code with external js file, it could be done somehow....At least in PHPBB it was working the way I want, but with a fix

  • @RedZambala are you for real ?

    You must be joking right, vanilla handles it for you. Just POST the video URL

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  • I'm not joking, I am watching youtube without a flash both on youtube, and when it is right iframed, but not in Vanilla.
    I wonder I am the only one who complains...

  • Seemingly...i provided a fix for you forcing youtube to use html5 have you tried it ?

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  • @422 said:
    RedZambala are you for real ?

    You must be joking right, vanilla handles it for you. Just POST the video URL

    You should read this

  • And your point is ?
    Supported Browsers

    We support browsers that support both the video tag in HTML5 and either the h.264 video codec or the WebM format (with VP8 codec). These include:

    Firefox 4 (WebM, Available here)
    Google Chrome (WebM)
    Opera 10.6+ (WebM, Available here)
    Apple Safari (h.264, version 4+)
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (h.264, Available here, WebM support avaliable here)
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 with Google Chrome Frame installed (Get Google Chrome Frame)

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  • My Point is:

    YouTube HTML5 Video Player

    You are in a trial for HTML5 video on YouTube. Some users of supported browsers are automatically entered in to the trial. If you wish to leave the trial, use the link at the bottom. HTML5 is a new browser technology that allows us to show videos without the Flash plugin.

  • the issue is with firefox not liking iframe not with Vanilla software.

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