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Stupid questions: where do I download version 1.0?

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Newbie here! When I go to I only see version 0.9.2 to download. Where do I need to go to get version 1.0?


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    It's not publicly released yet. It's still in beta and currently only available through subversion.

    Though there was a non public release that you could probably find the link through the forums, though that's been outdated now.

    Best thing is to wait :D
  • Wait wait wait wait wait... going crazy here!!! J/K, this is worth waiting for. I'd love to get the latest subversion rev, but our software itself is beta currently and that's enough to manage. :)
  • btw... I think the beta is currently VERY stable... I see no reasons to not use it as a production version :D
  • The creator is a perfectionist.

    This is a good thing :)
  • It'd not only available through svn, there is a v1 pre-release version available for download here:
  • thanks everyone. sounds like it won't be long before it is out...
  • Is there a good guide somewhere to walk you through how to get the software through svn? I'm really pretty confused as to what svn is and how I would possibly even begin to use it.
  • 1. Install TortoiseSVN
    2. Create an empty folder
    3. Right click the folder, and find a menu option that says "export"
    4. Enter the URL of whatever you want to get, hit OK
  • Thanks alot Bergamot, I think I was making it out to be alot more difficult than it was. :P
  • And if you want to keep that folder up-to-date with the most recent revision, then use checkout instead of export the first time, and then whenever you want to update to the most recent revision, you can use SVN update and it will synchronise with the online repository.
  • Sounds good, thanks for the help!
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    Do not use checkout or update unless you want a million .svn files littered all over your copy.

    If you want to keep it up to date, just delete the files in the folder and re-export.

    Checkout was designed so that people could check files out of the repository, make changes, and merge them back in, not to get a clean version of the most recent revision.
  • unless you want a million .svn files littered all over your copy
    Yeah, it does that. Personally, I don't find it all that bothersome but I'm testing on a local webserver installation. To get a fresh install for online I use export too (though if the online server supports subversion, e.g. textdrive, you could update directly).
    I use it to keep track of changes being made to certain files, for instance the language definitions (If you show the log, right-click on the file in the list and show differences, it'll show you what's changed). As I've also changed/added some files (extensions, languages, themes/styles, etc.), the delete and re-export is more bother than clicking update once in a while - svn flags changes and conflicts if and when they occur.
  • Yeah, the .svn files mainly annoy me because over a slow FTP connection, each one of those files is a separate upload command, which takes forever.

    And the diff stuff really doesn't bother me much because I have a general purpose folder diff tool that does the same thing.
  • getting OT here, but what diff tool do you use, then? I could use that from time to time for other things.
  • I use Beyond Compare, but there are all sorts of similar tools that work just as well and are free. Just google search for "compare folder diff" and you should find a bunch.
  • what`s the diff ? version 1.0=?=version 0.9.3 i setup one 0.93 version ! how to upgrade? or i must install version 1.0 at the very start?
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    0.9.3 is version 1.0; he just changed the name a month or two ago.

    Depending on what revision you installed, upgrading could be as easy as replacing your files with the new ones, or as difficult as having to make changes to your database structure.

    The official 1.0 upgrade tool *might* work, but I make no guarantees.
  • This may be a stupid question also, but here goes: Just downloaded the pre-release v1 and am having troubles on the install. Im installing it at the same place as the older version (same servers anyway), and the directory permissions are set correctly, yet when it goes to step 2 (on either upgrade or install.php) i just get a blank screen or a "page not found" jobby? Any idea what that is? Or does the installer still not work? in which case how do i set it up manually? OK, thats actually lots of stupid questions - sorry!
  • It sounds like what I was struggling with on Friday.

    Here's where I was pointed in the right direction.
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