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Extension - Google Calendar integration

This is my first extension and is by no means perfect. I needed to put a gig guide onto the forum I run so I adapted's article on integrating Google Calendar using Ajax and stuck it in the side bar on a few pages. While there are still some (read alot) bugs I thought I would share it to get some feed back (be gentle with me).

The biggest bug is that it does tend to go abit crazy with the order the dates are in and also it currently adds everything which is in the feed, I plan on sorting the dates out and also adding a user defined amount of events in the next release.

You can download it from here.


  • You broke your tag somehow.

    Looks good at a glance though.
  • hmmmm, never noticed as it I was logged into to Google. will check out latter, thanks for pointing it out.
  • I meant the tag in your post around your last link. I didnt notice any tags wrong on your calendar but i didnt look that closely.
  • this looks like a pretty awesome add-on!
  • it doesnt work, installed atom addon too. "failed to modify extension" permissions for extension catalogue: rwxrwxrwx
  • Doesn't work for me either.. I just seem to get a permanent "Requesting Data..."
  • edited July 2006
    Yes, I got the 'Requesting Data...' too, both in Safari and in Firefox. One needs to add the public XML-link to the eventrss.php-file.
  • Oh, I just noticed that now all events look like they take place on the 6.6.06. Devilish influence on the extension or what? Plus I would love to only see the next 5 dates, but with the exact time.
  • Me again... I've been working a little bit on the extension and here's what I've found out: - The javascript your are using is getting the 'publishdate' instead of the date when the event is really occuring. Neither I nor Dave ( were able to get the correct date out from the Google API ( (Yes, I suck at both XML and JavaScript). - I was however able to get my second wish working: Replacing the following line in the file 'feed.js': for (var n=items.length-1; n >= 0; n--) with this line: for (var n=items.length-1; n >= 0 && n >= (items.length-5); n--) will only display the next 5 events. (Or something like that, apparently there's still a problem with the way Google Calendar sorts the events...)
  • yeah i noticed the thing about the publish date as well. that's kind of weird, i couldn't figure it out at first either, i thought i did something wrong.
  • I've pasted in the public XML URL, but I still get the "Requesting Data ..." result. :( Any help? Thanks.
  • I also have this problem. Is this just a dead extension?
  • It works fine for me in Firefox but not in Safari. I noticed the date thing as well, I'm going to edit the code and fix it.
  • I looked at the code and its attempting to retrieve the published child element of the entry root element. Now that I look at the xml the date of the event isn't in its own element its in two other spots; summary and content. The published and updated elements are when the entry was added/last edited and not actually when it occurs. However, summary and content elements include the date, description and location. This will have to be fixed to extract the portion just after 'when: ' in one of those elements Change the following lines : var atomdate = items[n].getElementsByTagName('published').item(0); var itemPubDateDay = atomdate.substr(0, 10); To this : var atomdate = items[n].getElementsByTagName('summary').item(0); var itemPubDateDay = atomdate.substr(6, 16); Now it will pull the date from the summary element. I commented out the time, don't really see it as useful unless you were going to show the full summary in a tooltip (that would be cool...hmmm) This works fine for me in Firefox but still shows 'requesting data' in Safari. Not sure whats up there.
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