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NewsMailer [0.2]

edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I've actually uploaded a new extension:
It's a NewsMailer to send an email to all users of a forum including place holders like {firstname}, {lastname},...

You can download it here


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    This is a great a useful extension. Is there a way to segment the mails to go out to specific Roles or specific category/discussion users?
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    yeah, I will do this in a next version. When i've a little time I will add this features
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    edited July 2006
    I still get a heap of errors when I use this ext (although it seems to mail successfully):
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    No error message supplied
    Affected Elements

    The error occurred on or near: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:
    What's going on here? Have I got some permissions wrong or something?
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    I find that I get an error if I put some punctuation in "Iam testing " is fine "I'm testing" gives an error
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    I've made a new version where you can select the roles for outgoing mails..

    @obvious and osidguy: if you already get some errors please repost
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    It'd be good to make this accessible from somewhere other than the settings tab, so that moderators can send a mail.
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    i was just asking about that, the ability for moderators to use it to send email can it can it pleasee ? lol
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    Bump, any chance of letting moderators use it?
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    edited December 2006
    I have a heavily modified version of NewsMailer (only the actual mail send code is the same), which allows any role to send a mass email if permissions are set.

    I can release this as a separate extension if people are interested, but for now, looking at the original Newsmailer code, I think you can get by with just the following lines:

    (add these lines underneath the language definitions.
    $Context->SetDefinition('PERMISSION_SEND_MASS_MAIL', 'Send Mail to All Users');
    $Context->Configuration['PERMISSION_SEND_MASS_MAIL'] = '0';

    Next, you simply search the document for "PERMISSION_EDIT_USERS" and replace with our new permission, "PERMISSION_SEND_MASS_MAIL".

    This should be all it takes to allow any user to send mail. You must set the permission first though.

    Also note that if a user does not normally have access to the Settings page, you'll have to modify appg/init_vanilla.php. Look in the array around line 95 or so, you should see a listing of Permissions that will open up the Settings page. Simply add our new permission to that list. Congratulations, any role may now send mass emails.

    EDIT: You also must edit settings.php in the root directory and add the permission there too, in the array around line 25.
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    @daveh - "I can release this as a separate extension if people are interested" ... yes, very!
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    Ok, give me a night to remove a lot of my site-specific things and I'll put it on the add-ons site. I'll also be around to add features if people desire.
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    I finally packaged up the extension:
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    Hi, I installed Notify 0.2 but I don't get any mail. The discussion forum runs on a server which is also my mail server so the server does function. Any idea why this could happen? thanks for any adivce. Sylvain
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