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How Does This Work?

I'm gonna sound like a complete idiot here but,,,well here it goes:

How does this work?

Downloaded and looking at the screenshot with all the dynamic page titles, custom titles, etc. Do I need to add keywords somewhere on this page? Is it automatic?

Sorry - I should be in an insititution.


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    try it and see !

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  • Lol I have been, last 45 minutes embarassingly.

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    and what results do you get ...

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    Nothing that has a direct result - unfortunately thats how i learn and here i seem to be stumped
    *If i add a keyword, so to speak, of my site into the Custom Title box of the Discussions Home Page - nothing happens, don't know how this functions.

    assuming that b/c its SEO, results arent visible so long as an error message doesnt pop up.

    Recent Activity on %garden%
    Recent Discussions on %garden%



  • I'm assuming i change

    custom title:
    All Categories on %garden%


    custom title:
    sports, baseball, football %garden%

    is that how this is supposed to be edited to work with your forum?

  • Ahh finally got it....I am the stoopidist

    changing the text within say, Recent Discussions on %garden% changes the title in the tab above the page - making it easier for search engines -- ahhhh this makes sense.

    Sorry @422, this was an easy fix.

  • Sorry it was confusing to understand! Maybe we can work together so that other users won't run into the same problems with getting the plugin setup properly?

  • It just took me a little bit more of a learning curve than I am used to I suppose....After my initial errors I don't really know what would make it more user friendly than it already is.

    The administrative interface just confused me with the % signs and the large table, but I think that's the best way to display it anyways. Thank you for the reply, but if I actually come up with some constructive criticism soon I will absolutely post back.

  • Hi, i install today this plug in but i agree with Chrisk22985 is a bit confused :/

    I dont speak nice english but "tags" maybe % garden% , %activity% ect make me confused.

    Who can upload 1 capture with this addons running now? I think this can clear some confused idea.

  • kirkpa31kirkpa31 ✭✭
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    in your dashboard - you can change what you want as your "Banner Title" which becomes the title of your page. Screenshot:


    This is under the tag: %garden%, labled 'Vanilla Banner Title' in the SEO plugin administration page.

    %title% is the title given to each discussion by whoever posts the discussion.

    %category% is the name of the category

    %search% is what the user types into the search box query.

    Rearranging these tags within each of the 'Custom Title' boxes rearranges the respective words I just mentioned that are associated with them. You can add whatever you want in addition to the tags.

    i.e. if your Vanilla Banner Title was: "Sports" then if you had "%garden% - football, basketball, and baseball" Your page title would show up as "Sports - football, basketball, and baseball"

    Let me know if this was an ok description

  • Thanks for the help!! One question more.. For example, one category is "Party" the correct field is %Party% ? Or i ignore "%" in category names? And writing only "Party"?


  • kirkpa31kirkpa31 ✭✭
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    If the category is titled "Party", the tag within the SEO plugin %category% will pick up that name for you - you can just add whatever other text you want in the 'Custom Title' field.

    For example: You have 3 different categories titled "Party" "Food" and "Music"

    Organizing your 'Custom Title' within the SEO plugin administrative page to read "Konquet Forums %Category% Talks Here" will translate to "Konquet Forums Party Talks Here" when on the party category.

    Similarly, it will translate to "Konquet Forums Food Talk Here" when someone is on the food category, and so on and so forth.

  • OK! I understand now! :D

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