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Can't find string to translate in notification emails

I wasn't able to find where some strings are defined which are used in notification email.
The first is the title of the notification for a new discussion: $Definition['Activity.NewDiscussion.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s ha iniziato una %8$s.';
The second parameter (discussion, in English) is not translated and I don't know where it is defined.
Then there is: user commented on a discussion. I found only this definition $Definition['%1$s commented on %4$s %8$s.'], which has a translation (in the transifex file I'm using, not shown in the email.
How do I translate these strings?

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Here is a list of $Definitions from the Spanish Locale, you could try to add the single words in there.


    $Definition['About'] = 'Acerca de';
    $Definition['Accepted'] = 'Aceptado';
    $Definition['Activity'] = 'Actividad';
    $Definition['Activity.AboutUpdate.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s actualizó %6$s perfil.';
    $Definition['Activity.AboutUpdate.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s actualizó %6$s perfil.';
    $Definition['Activity.ActivityComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s comentó en %4$s %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ActivityComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s';
    $Definition['Activity.AddedToConversation.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s añadió a ti un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.AddedToConversation.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s añadió a ti un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.BookmarkComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s comentó en tu %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.BookmarkComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s comentó en tu %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.Comment'] = 'Comentar';
    $Definition['Activity.CommentMention.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s mencionó %3$s en un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.CommentMention.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s mencionó %3$s en un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ConversationMessage.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s te envió un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.ConversationMessage.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s te envió un %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s comentó en una %8$s de %3$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s comentó en una %8$s de %3$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionMention.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s mencionó %3$s en una %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.DiscussionMention.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s mencionó %3$s en una %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.Import.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s importó datos.';
    $Definition['Activity.Import.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s importó datos.';
    $Definition['Activity.Join.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s se registró.';
    $Definition['Activity.Join.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s se registró.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinApproved.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s approved %4$s membership application.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinApproved.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s approved %4$s membership application.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinCreated.FullHeadline'] = '%3$s creó una cuenta para %1$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinCreated.ProfileHeadline'] = '%3$s creó una cuenta para %1$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinInvite.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s accepted %4$s invitation for membership.';
    $Definition['Activity.JoinInvite.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s accepted %4$s invitation for membership.';
    $Definition['Activity.NewDiscussion.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s comenzó una %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.NewDiscussion.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s comenzó una %8$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.PictureChange.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s cambió %6$s foto de perfil.';
    $Definition['Activity.PictureChange.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s cambió %6$s foto de perfil.';
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s cambió los permisos de %4$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s cambió los permisos de %4$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.SignIn.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s se conectó.';
    $Definition['Activity.SignIn.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s se conectó.';
    $Definition['Activity.WallComment.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s escribió en %4$s %5$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.WallComment.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s escribió:';
    $Definition['Add'] = 'Añadir';
    $Definition['Add Comment'] = 'Añadir Comentario';
    $Definition['Add Info & Create Account'] = 'Añadir Info & Crear Cuenta';
    $Definition['Add Message'] = 'Añadir Mensaje';
    $Definition['Add People to this Conversation'] = 'Añadir gente a esta Conversación';
    $Definition['All Conversations'] = 'Todas las Conversaciones';
    $Definition['All Discussions'] = 'Todas las Discusiones';
    $Definition['Allow other members to see your email?'] = '¿Permitir a otros miembros ver tu email?';
    $Definition['Announce'] = 'Anunciar';
    $Definition['Applicants'] = 'Solicitante';
    $Definition['Apply'] = 'Aplicar';#
    $Definition['Apply for Membership'] = 'Registrarse';
    $Definition['Are you sure you want to do that?'] = '¿Estás seguro de que quieres hacerlo?';
    $Definition['Cancel'] = 'Cancelar';
    $Definition['Categories'] = 'Categorías';
    $Definition['Category'] = 'Categoría';
    $Definition['Change My Password'] = 'Cambiar mi Contraseña';
    $Definition['Change My Picture'] = 'Cambiar mi Fotografía';
    $Definition['Close'] = 'Cerrar';
    $Definition['comment'] = 'comentario';
    $Definition['Comment'] = 'Comentario';
    $Definition['Confirm'] = 'Confirmar';
    $Definition['Confirm Password'] = 'Confirmar Contraseña';
    $Definition['Connect'] = 'Conectar';
    $Definition['conversation'] = 'conversación';
    $Definition['Conversations'] = 'Conversaciones';
    $Definition['Create One.'] = 'Créate una cuenta.';
    $Definition['at'] = 'en';
    $Definition['Dashboard'] = 'Panel';
    $Definition['Date.DefaultDayFormat'] = '%B %e';
    $Definition['Date.DefaultFormat'] = '%B %e, %Y';
    $Definition['Date.DefaultTimeFormat'] = '%l:%M%p';
    $Definition['Date.DefaultYearFormat'] = '%B %Y';
    $Definition['Delete'] = 'Eliminar';
    $Definition['Delete Account'] = 'Eliminar Cuenta';
    $Definition['Delete Conversation'] = 'Eliminar Conversación';
    $Definition['Delete Discussion'] = 'Eliminar Discusión';
    $Definition['discussion'] = 'discusión';
    $Definition['Discussion Title'] = 'Título de la Discusión';
    $Definition['Discussions'] = 'Discusiones';
    $Definition['Don\'t have an account? %s'] = '¿No tienes cuenta? %s';
    $Definition['dot'] = 'punto';
    $Definition['Drag around and resize the square below to define your thumbnail icon.'] = 'Arrastra y cambia el tamaño del cuadrado sobre la foto para definir tu icono thumbnail.';
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    Thanks, but I don't think any of these lines can help me.
    Do you have a Spanish forum with all the notification email correctly translated?
    If you are using a transifex translation you could give me the translated text and I could search for the definition.

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