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Just a stupid idea. I dont know how hard it is to code tags. But could it work this way .... Add keywords box next to input box. For this post it should look something like: "ideas, stupid, to:mark" Make it possible to search keywords (advanced search). So every comment has additional fields in a database like category, headline, author, keywords. ??


  • It's been considered. I think someone will probably make it as an extension given time...
  • Or maybe have the option to use tags as categories, so that the system as a whole is more user generated content than admin specified. Of course tags would have to be moderated.
  • The tagging at works well, as an added bonus to the categories. It's hampered by a poor search function though, so that needs to be good as well I reckon.
  • i would appreciate that too. nice forum concept, btw bigups
  • I have a phpBB based forum. I consider migrating it to Vanilla. It's harder and harder to find valuable posts among the usual jabbery. I believe that tags (on the post level) would greatly enhance the ability to find the old but important posts.
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    I've found this forum: talkinghub. It has überugly look, but it does have tags! Consider this: “people talking about development also talk about...� Yay! I'd love that in Vanilla! Take a look: Entering tags should look like a text field and a tag list. The text field would accept comma-separated values. When pressing ENTER in this field, the tag list should be updated. Talkinghub has space-separated tags, but I would suggest Wordpress' style with comma-separated tags. Each tag on the list would have an [x] sign, meaning “delete tag�. I think that there should also be a small tag administration panel. I believe that there will be some “noise�, like mispelled tags or tags expressed differently but having same meaning. The tag admin would be able to merge tags, rename them or delete. Another idea: having a tagged posts/topics, the forum could find and display discussions similar to the current one.
  • I too would love the ability to tag. Particularly allowing only some tags for moderators and above. Being a software developer, I will get bug reports on the forum, it would be great if I could tag them "fixed" or "severe" or feature requests could be tagged "completed," "not-gonna-happen," etc. This would allow for some really neat saved searches :P
  • I personally dont like tags (as implemented in delicious, technorati etc). i rarely use more than 2 or 3 categories on my blog. there are other examples. you could say that craigslist has tags or flags as they call it. [miscategorized] [prohibited] [spam] [discussion] [best of] i dont know how to make keywords or tags work. but when you have thousands of posts some keywords could be handy.
  • hmmm??! talkinghub - Personal Blogs Scheduled for Tomorrow Well personal blogs is almost ready, things work well and I just need to do some polishing before plugging new stuff live. Hope to do it all for tomorrow. Tomorrow talkinghub will enhance with personalities. Denis Krukovsky talkinghub
  • Vennt offers a forum with tag based browsing. If anyone want's to try it out I can hook you up with an invite. Not to sound like I had any part in it, I've just been testing it.
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    @Toivo: My Polish forum is suffering from lack of advanced navigation. We have over 38 thousands of posts and over 1500 users. It's a forum about allergies. We bash newcomers who ask a question which was already answered many times, but it's harder and harder to find the topics where the question was actually answered. Sticking doesn't solve the problem because we can't have 30 or more sticky topics!

    So I would think of tags as of manually predefined searches with keywords. My forum has about 30 overlapping topics. There are kinds of allergies, drugs, specific ointments, and each topic mentions few of them. Tagging would help at lot with navigation.
  • automatthias, Thanks for mentioning talkinghub - blogoforum. I'm building the tool which will be free from shortcomings of today's forums you have pointed. I work on improving the way people exchange information online. There are a lot of ideas in my head to implement, so I work on implementing features which are unique and innovative first, and will deal with issues like design later. So maybe wish me luck? Denis Krukovsky soon
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    dkrukovsky, I certainly do wish you luck, it's a great project! It's probably heading different direction than Vanilla, which is more conservative comparing to the talkinghub/blogoforum. Do you think of any way to migrate a phpBB-based forum to talkinghub/blogoforum?
  • Oh, I got it now.
    Download talkinghub?

    You can't. talkinghub is a service. talkinghub is working here to serve your needs, and if you want something you can ask me and I'll implement it. Why would you want to download it?
  • - Tags are useless if moderated : one of the main purpose is to be user-defined. - In a forum, tags should only work as keywords, but not as THE way to categorize. - To me, talkinghub/blogoforum is a mess. (That's my point of view) ;)
  • Talking hub is definitely interesting as a concept but initially i think it's a bit strange (that's not necessarily a bad thing - i know it's meant to be different)
  • yeah i agree i do not understand blogoforum one bit. It has completely thrown me. I would never find the same page twice.
  • - Tags are useless if moderated : one of the main purpose is to be user-defined.
    No, the main purpose of tags is to let one discussion have multiple tags, instead of a single category.

    User-defined tags tend to be messy, inconsistent, and redundant.
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    Talking hub reminds me a bit of Tagsurf, which was also a forum-like thing with lots of tagging. Unfortunately Tagsuft is gone, and only copies and blog posts about it remain.*/
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