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Page Management in 1.0?

Is/will there be an equivalent to Page Management for version 1.0? I don't see it listed in the Add-Ons Extensions list right now. That's a pretty useful plugin (although I had trouble with the 0.9.2 version because my host isn't on PHP 5).


  • NickENickE New
    edited June 2006
    At the current, no, but there will be in the near future, as soon as I get around to porting the 0.9.2 version to vanilla 1.

    And yeah, sorry about that bug with php4. I really could not figure out what on Earth was causing it. Hopefully I'll manage to get this one working for php4 as well...
  • Great news, thanks.
  • NickENickE New
    edited June 2006
    Ok, I believe I've got it mostly working with both PHP 4 and 5, but for it to be 'fully functional' I still need a delegate in the settings_role_edit.php template file right before the submit buttons, if Mark wouldn't mind popping on in.
  • Did Mark ever add the delegate you were looking for? Just curious...this extension would be very helpful.
  • As far as I'm aware, no, but it's not really essential for the extension (just makes managing which role can view which tab a little easier), so I suppose I could go ahead and upload it.
  • Looks like Mark is looking for more specifics on the deligate you were wanting...
  • SirNot: When I install Page Management under v1pre3, the headings on the tabs come out in English despite my language settings. I.e. it overrides the language choice. Any ideas how to fix this? (great extension btw - I've been looking for this!)
  • You can translate all the extension, but it is not done by default. Check the code of the extension. It should be at the top.
  • Hi folks, I was wondering if there's a way to set a custom tab as the default page, instead of the discussion tab. I know tabs order does not determine the default index page, but does someone have a clue to do this? I guess it would make the tiny difference between a forum and something closer to a CMS.
  • its not the fact of tabs, you would have to make a whole new index type page and then have the current index.php called something different. You would then have to change any links using it i think. Or you could make a extensions which says if selfurl=index { if postback == page then header redirect.}. Lol i cant explain really
  • edited July 2006
    Looks like I definitely need to learn how to make an extension :)
  • mmm i dont know the best way of doing it.
  • Well, it should work by changing index.php like you suggested, but it sounds like a lot of pain to check all of the other links using it. It would probably mean editing most of the other files.
  • edited July 2006
    im afraid i think it may be the only way. Will it be a custom page made default? The only other way is to make your page as either extension of full root page and have a index.html meta redirect or something to your new page. or possibly something can be done with .htaccess but i dont know about that
  • yeah in htaccess make index.html and in .htaccess have
    Redirect /vanillaurl/index.html

    Havent tried it but it should work
  • Yep, I was thinking about a custom page made default to display news and various stuff (I can't wait for Swell...) I'll try your idea as soon as I get some time to properly update my forum to the 1.0 version, thanks for the tip.
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