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Öbuut the new MacBook

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I have gathered interest for this machine, and I have somewhat decided to get me one of these if I get to go to the school for a programming toy and all-around school partner. But I'm also on the market for a new work computer, and MacBook Pro is too pricey for me since I already got few of these computers on my desk. I'm coding and making internet graphics/flash and such, but occasionally I might be doing some work on inDesign and Illustrator. How you think it would fair in that kind of work? Is it powerful enough, obviously it is the very same CPU as the Pro version but the gfx card lacks some punch but I believe it has no impact what so ever on regular office work. Opinions?


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    Well as a film student who uses Final Cut Pro and Shake and other pro apps I can definately say that MacBooks are more than powerful. I have friends who have G4 iBooks, which weren't of the last revisions of that line, and they use FCP, Photoshop and others with out any problems. Just make sure that you have at least 1 gig of ram when running these type of apps (most people upgrade from the standard 512 in them). Recently, one of my closest friends got the 2GHZ MacBook and he is an editor, so he is running Avid and Final Cut Pro. All he did was put the most ram he could into it and it still runs extremely fast. I say go with the MacBook, upgrade the ram, and enjoy. I hope this helps
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    If portability wasn't important, i'd buy an iMac ;-)
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    Definitely get the iMac if you don't need a portable, I got one, its a fantastic machine for a nice price (gorgeous screen) I would try to get 2 GB ram in the MacBook. I have 2GB in my iMac and its a nice difference (though compared to my G4 with 1.25 GB). OSX is very aggressive on ram consumption - generally swallowing up just over a gig for stuff, its nice to have more than 1 GB, especially when the integrated graphics use main system memory.
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    All my machines have over 2 gig of ram, I learned that anything less is not suffice in the hard way. I'm not sure if the portability will become an issue later on, since I'd like to take the computer with me when I'm not work and studying, but then again, I'm a webmaster and everything I need I can do with any of the computers at home. The 20" iMac would be tempting, but it's so much more expensive, ofcourse it is better by equal to the price. Torn between two :D
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    lechlech Chicagoland
    Kosmo, on the bright side, you can look at it like this: You get both Windows & OSX in one neat portable package all under the same hardware give or take that each has it's own quirks, you can even slap a standard *nix/bsd distro on there if you really wanted and have left-over space to do so. As long as you're not planning on turning it into a hard-core game machine, you're not losing much by getting one, but yes, extra ram will be a must for everything, even if it's notepad :)
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    Yeah, the bootstrap bill or what ever is definetly the winnig smile on the mac, no need to worry about photoshop running slowly on rosetta.
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