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What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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About a year ago, I went to my car to drive to work and instead of rolling smoothly forward there was a loud "SKEEEEK" sound.

Quick investigation revealed the passenger side rear wheel was removed. Soon after were calls to the police to report the theft and borrowing the wife's car to take to work.

Several hours in a junk yard prove the factory wheel difficult to replace. I settle on the same sized wheel of a similar model car.

Months later, a tire rotation results in a "Chunk-Chunk-Chunk" sound: the wheel is incompatible with the front braking system.

Yesterday, while in the apartment pool, I spot the same model car in the apartment's parking lot. Closer investigation today reveals the same brand and make of tire as mine, in the same passenger-rear position. The wheel, allthough the same factory wheel, is not (I can tell by the rust pattern on the hub from my distinctive hub-caps, and a tell-tale sticker that is absent on my other wheels, but present on the suspect car).

I would like to contact the police. My wife says don't bother because lack of evidence. What would you do if you were in my shoes?


  • 1. Wear a black ski mask
    2. Steal the wheel back
    3. Post video here
  • 1. Buy locking wheel nuts
    2. Why didnt you just get a proper replacement tyre, just out of interest?
    3. Call the police, what's the worst that can happen. Dont get your hopes up thats all.
  • @Minisweeper
    I was (and still am) on a minimal budget. Underpaid and over-expensed.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I tend to get confrontational with people. I'd follow this person somewhere public, arrange to bump into him (I'm assuming it's a him), and make conversation with the person. Mention that you have the same kind of car and that your rear wheel was stolen a while back. Watch his reaction. Don't accuse him of anything. Be really friendly and just get under the guy's skin. Go on and on about how much it sucked to have that happen.

    Then that night I'd steal it back.
  • *steps away from mark.
  • Don't forget to post the video here.
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    I really like Mark's way of handling things... Little more bold than I am natrually, but sounds really fun. Only problem is the car has obviously been sitting for some time--rain spots from Saturday, half flat tire. I did leave his guilty-wheel hubcap off. Tempted to leave a "I know what you did last summer" post it there... Of course, my first gut reaction was to give him the junk yard faulty rear hub, and let him discover the same way I did that it won't work. My second gut reaction was to give him the junk yard hub through his windshield.
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    /me steps away from Mark, and hides behind Minisweeper.
  • Who'd have thought behind his kind hearded coding front that beast lurked.
    *works out how to get his donation back and laughs evilly*
  • I am with Bergamot on this one. If you are sure, that it is your tire (you have that feeling and know damned straight it is or isn't yours), I'd dawn the ski mask and get to it.

    As giginger said, don't forget to post the video.

    Then, go buy the locking wheel nuts.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
  • ercatliercatli
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    Best check his facial hair first. "Clean shaven people don't steal wheels - people with mustaches steel wheels." : |)
  • Yeah if it definitely is yours then swap the tires around.. give him your one that you had to buy to replace it and take the old one.
  • You know what would be scary... if he's also a member of this forum :O
  • Guns don't kill people, usually copper jacketed lead slugs, initially arranged as a cap over nitrous celluoid, contained in a brass cartdrige with a percussion cap in the base, which, when placed in the breech of a barrel that is directed within range and toward one or more vital organs of a person, and while in this configuration, if the percussion cap is struck with sufficient force to cause it to ignite the nitrocellous resulting in rapid generation of gasses accellerating the slug in the direction of the barrel, and then the slug through or into the vitals of said person causing enough damage to result in death, regardless of the presence or lack of medical attention, the possesser of the above configuration, who must also cause the above listed chain of events, kills pepople.
  • We could spit our truth like "Guns don't kill people, the fast flying projectiles are the ones doing the job, guns just hog the credit" or "The drop won't kill you, it's the sudden stop" or "The combination of anger, fist and face got him" but what I really think we should do, is give him a good lussumo tm soap in a sock.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    *backs out of thread*
  • lussumotm soap in a sock


    /me boggles

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