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Fatal Error in Gdn_Database.Connection();

Hi Guys,

my hoster (that bloody b...) moved from php5.2 to version 5.4. They left the user alone with troubleshooting with the words:

Make sure that your apps work under that new php Version and exactly since that time, I got the:

Fatal Error in Gdn_Database.Connection();

on my forum:

I'm simply lost to interprete the error message and finally what to do with this info. I'd be so happy if you could give me a pointer for start-up the trouble-shooting.

Parallel, due the reason of unreachability, I installed a blank new version ( of vanilla.

Any chance to get the old discussions from 2.0.16. (the boink one) to this blank new one?




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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    Yes this happened to me a couple days ago, I was editing css then when I went to look at the changes I got the same thing , this means you lost connection to the mysql where everything is stored.

    If you try to access mysql via phpadmin it will ask you to log in them not log you in. and get nowhere ....

    This is not your fault , it is the host fault. Because I have several installs subdomains under my domain, all my installs even wordpress got disconnected from the mysql.

    You need to contact your host and tell them that you can't log into your database. They should be able to fix it, I called them on the phone and it was fixed during the call.

    Do not try to change password for the mysql it is not necessary. Besides it won't let you do it.

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    businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP
    edited May 2013

    The issue is related to an upgrade of MySQL, rather than PHP. I moved my installations from PHP 5.2 to 5.3 and 5.4 on different servers, and had no such issue (MySQL was already up to date).

    As the error message suggests, you could reset the password yourself following the instructions, but, if you are not familiar with such procedure, it would be best to contact your hosting provider as @vrijvlinder suggested. It's a fairly simple operation, they should be able to sort it out quickly. You won't have to migrate any data after doing that, you will simply have your forum back.

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    Thanks so much for rushing in here.

    I'll try your suggestions and contact them. For sure I report back about the result (honestly I doubt that it is so easy as you describe - but that's more a personal one :-)



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    Hopsing68Hopsing68 New
    edited May 2013

    OK Buddies,

    this is the result:

    After trying to reach somebody at the hotline (which failed), I tried to review all this. Finally it should be said:

    It is really not a deal at all (if you know what to do where and how):

    Rushed into the Admin of my homepage, SQL Area, changed the Password there (which I hate), opened the config.php and changed it there as well - taadaaaa - back.

    So finally it's embarrassing to bore you with this - but who knows - maybe it's of help for others.

    So thanks again.



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    what a terrible host. It is up to the host to support the infrastructure you are on, as current clientèle.

    They don't have to support infrastructure that is insecure or backdated. But they should support current clientèle.

    However it is reasonable to expect them not to switch just like that without providing fair warning.

    Are sure they haven't got, alternative versions? it is not unusual but you explicitly set it.

    Anyway it should work fine anyway, it is just bad form to do that.

    grep is your friend.

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    I totally agree in all points :-)

    Well they did, but not really enduser friendly. The only thing they told in terms of warning:

    "Make sure that all your php stuff works well after the update"

    It is by the way the biggest provider in Germany - called German Telekom.

    Honestly I am close to change - but there are so much concerns cause my webproject is so huge and a big mess. I am simply fear of losing content.



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