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The obligatory World Cup thread

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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Seeing as no one else has started this yet... (maybe because y'all play soccer and not football)

It's starting on Friday!!!!

As an Englishman living in Scotland, I'll be supporting England of course... with a keen eye on Portugal/Tunisa/Ecuador which are the teams I have in our sweepstake at work. Looks like Wayne Roooooooonie will be playing as well which is good....

Bring it on!


  • ok, i'll buy in. my team's australia, and the last time we went to the finals was in 1974, also in germany. i got up at about 3:00 am local time to watch our 3 games, to see 2 losses and a draw only. can we do even a bit better this time? who knows, but, sadly, i'm older and wiser and will be sleeping through - there's dedication for you! but looks like harry kewell will be playing as well which is gooder ... (we need him even more than u need wr.) wish i could say see you in the final, but i'm not that much of an idiot!
  • Why is it called the World Cup when nobody in America gives a crap?

  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    Ouch.... Why is the World Series called the World series when it only happens in America (and Canada)? I think that tells you a lot more about America's "world" view ;-)
  • Rooney wont be playing. If he does they'll bring him back too early and he'll be too weak. They'd be much better struggling through our group games (which we're gonna lose anyway) without him then bringing him back when we're playing the harder stuff.

    I'm not a pessimist, honest!

    Good luck to England though.
  • @Bergamot I was about to see pretty much the same thing. Then again 3stripe is right. This world is fucked up like that I guess. *sighs and shrugs*
  • Technically you're wrong anyway, bergamot. A lot of people in Brazil give a crap since theyre one of the best teams in the world. It's just that noone in the USA gives a crap cause you're all busy stealing rugby and ruining it. :D
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    Hmm think we could on the verge of an angry thread. Been reading up on the World Series and it looks like originally the plan {was} for it to include teams from all of the world, so maybe I'll let that one go... Back on topic, aye, footie an' that, foooookking magic man, eh?
  • Rooney was cleared to play was he not? Why wouldn't they use him? Sorry, this coming from an American who doesn't have the pleasure of watching much soccer due to his fellow American's inability to grasp just how freakin cool soccer is. Btw, I played soccer for about 11-12 years. Also... For anyone really interested, shoot your way over to, they have a world cup pick'em game. Join, create your team ASAP. I believe picking ends today, so better get over there. I believe they allow you to join without being invited, but if not, just reply in a whisper or whatever you want with your email addy, I'll invite you.
  • He was cleared to play yeah, but last time he (or was it someone else, i dont follow closely) had the same injury and was cleared to play he played and injured himself again. Obviously theyre experts on the job but i suspect the pressure of freeing our 'best' player for the world cup adds a tiny bit of bias to the situation. If they play him again straight away and he gets through a few games to help us into the last 16 then injures himself so he cant play in any of the (technically) more difficult games then it really doesnt help us, does it?
  • @ World Series: We actually did have a "World" game recently played in my city, San Diego. I think the finalists were Japan and Cuba; i forget who won.
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    Well, I think it's perfectly clear, America let them win. It's not like we'd lose at anything if we were actually trying.
  • Lol no... I mean, they mostly used our own players, seeing as players who normally were in american leagues had to go to their nationality's team. But quite a few players weren't on american teams and only played in their home country
  • we got our asses kicked by Mexico
  • Football.... I am just glad I live in Japan at the moment. I can avoid not only English football antics, but also all the drunken loudness as well. The Japanese watch the footy without swearing. I hate football
  • Football is a decent enough game and watching it can be reasonably enjoyable. It is a true fact that stereotypical english football fans should be brutally murdered, though.
  • i'll attend to the fifa fan party in st.pauli/hamburg tonight. :-) although i'm not a big football-fan, but you must seize the chance when the world cup tournament is almost directly infront of your door. :-) the final will be german:brazil, but this time we'll win, hehe...
  • Thats harsh Mini :P I really hope England doesn't struggle with its group. I think we have one of the better groups.
  • I know... England is in a really tough group, but they are also ranked #2 after Brazil. ....very impressive.

    click here
  • geeerrmmmannyy ;) !!!
  • Never knew that about the japanese football fans. You're right about the drunken loudness - fans here in Germany are already well on the way, although we're not anywhere near any of the stadiums. What's funnier is the lull beforehand: there's hardly any cars or people outside and for the most part, excepting the cheers when they score, it's pretty quiet for 2 x 45 minutes. Between and afterwards they all stumble outside and let out the neanderthal urgings ... and excess beer :-)
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