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Hidden Categories for non-members?

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I want most of my forum to be viewable to non-members. But there are certain categories that I want to remain hidden to non-members. I can deny access for certain categories of non-members, but is there a way to make certain categories not viewable to non-members but the make the rest visable? Thanks.


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    Yes, in v1 you can define different roles and say which categories they can and can't read. So for non-members you would remove read rights for some categories for the role called "unauthenticated".
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    Thanks. I'm new to Vanilla but so far I love it. On the board I see so many references to v1 or v0.9.3 that have features such as rights, templating and others. Where are these going to be available? And if not soon, what will the upgrade from 0.9.2 to v1 be like? Any thoughts?
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    Its available via svn at the moment, it'l be available officially as soon as mark gets a new server (probably very soon depending how well he can beat up whoever it is he's renting it off)
    The upgrade is a simple matter of running the upgrade script. It should be very painless but there are a few bugs with it atm which is what's holding back the release a tiny bit.
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    edited June 2006
    The most recent version of Vanilla 1.0 is available through Subversion, which is not terribly hard to use, but it is a bit of a hassle.

    There's a link to a slightly-outdated prerelease version floating around somewhere in .zip format.

    Nobody knows when version 1.0 will actually be released, but we're all writing themes and extensions for it because we'd feel pretty dumb spending time making 0.9.2 addons which will be useless soon.

    Assuming you have a plain installation of 0.9.2, the upgrade process should be painless when 1.0 is released for real.

    EDIT: Curse you mini!
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    Thanks. Two more questions... 1) Is there a way to add multiple users quickly? I have a group of 25 people who are all part of a group that I want to communicate through this forum. I was planning on registering them and forwarding them the usernames and passwords. Any thoughts? 2) When people register, is there a way to select which role they are? Right now, in v0.9.2 people are defaulted to Members and then I have to go back and change the role. I'd rather select from a drop down which role they take on initially. Thanks for your help. This is a great forum and a great community too.
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    People here say different things, but I reckon v1.0 (renamed from 0.93 some weeks ago) will be out imminently, just as soon as mark has his hosting situation secured. The SVN version* is stable to use and database and template modifications have not been made in a while, so I see no reason not to go ahead with the latest development version.

    *search for SVN or see about half down the 0.9.3 beta thread to find out how to get it
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    What is Subversion? I have no idea.
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    edited June 2006
    hehe, we've all posted at once:

    for 1) I don't think there's mass registration option (never heard of that elsewhere, actually)
    for 2) yes, you can say what role a new applicant will get once they've registered. That means if that role has posting rights, you can let them post straight away without pre-approval if you want.

    Subversion: if you're using windows get this program You can then use it to download the latest development version from the URL of the subversion (SVN) repository. Subversion is a way of version tracking changes to code updates.

    Bergamot summarised it as follows:
    1. Install TortoiseSVN
    2. Create an empty folder
    3. Right click the folder, and find a menu option that says "export"
    4. Enter the URL, hit OK
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    1) Maybe with some SQL voodoo, but not easily.

    2) Yeah there's a setting for that marked "Registration Management"
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    Thanks! I was able to download the latest using TortoiseSVN and I'm up and running. Now for a little customization. Thanks for your help. THis is great!
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