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How can I make the backgroud of the Grayscale Green theme transparent?



  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    @whu606 said:

    I think there is a big difference between offering support for a theme/plugin, which to my mind means that you make sure it works the way you intended, and accepting requests for custom modifications.
    I think there is a reasonable expectation that an author would respond to the first, but not to the second.

    Well in my opinion as a perfectionist , I find it hard to let go of a work and have others mess with it then potentially ruin it. So I try to think of every detail that a person would look at and may want to change so they don't have to , before I publish it. However I don't expect them to like everything about it. Maybe they want smaller font or a different background.

    Most people manage to do these mods themselves if they know css. Which is why I recommend to people that they learn it and give them tips as best I can.

    Some of the coding in my themes can be too much for someone without experience. They are not simple themes. So I feel the responsibility to see them through. At least to guide people where to look to change something .

    I too would have a limit to this. Example, someone used my Dark embed friendly theme , but pretty much modified almost everything about it and were having problems after doing so.

    I looked at their mods and explained that they had changed something crucial and that is why it was not working anymore. Once a person makes a certain amount of mods, it is no longer my theme, it is now their franken-theme and they need to learn how to fix it since they are the ones who modified it so extensively . I did try to help them out but in the end they were on their own with the mods. They were obstinate about their mods. So let them be...

    It is expected that people will modify things. But please don't modify so heavily that now you may need help un-modifying or to make your mods work with my theme. I tested for almost every detail.

    I have actually ended up making a whole new theme for someone with mods from another theme. That is how mods can go. They can take the long way home and you end up with a brand new theme.

    I would rather make a new theme from scratch with the specs they want, to be honest. Than to totally redo an existing one.

    I don't think HCE meant any harm or disrespect to any of you. Simply new to this part of the woods and thought the author of that theme would at least answer a question or two about his theme and was unaware that people can upload addons and never hear from them again afterwards nor get any type of support. Which tends to happen with some people.

    I think they realize that making that theme elastic would be too much work for anyone and they decided to try some of my themes to see how the embed friendly works.

    I offered my help if they need it. I am responsible for my themes and choose to help people who use them modify them to an extent. That is my prerogative , not everyone feels the same and that is ok.

    it does not make me better than anyone else, it just means I am dedicated to my work.

  • Ok lets everyone relax, take a step back and breathe, and re-read the thread. there is no issue here.

    There seem to be some confusion over something I said which specifically to vrijvlinder. There isn't anything wrong with asking this question.

    I think the theme itself. is a fixed width theme, but you could make a them inspired by it that is liquid, and embed friendly.

    I also think some skill are general. So the question should be: "where can I learn more about how to create themes and css?"

    I think with some issue like this one, one question quickly become another, becuase without content, you can only assume it is the same problem, when it can be a side effect of an unrelated issue.

    Where OP has specific requirement folk like it where the OP has some work example, even if there is some things not working. Folk are naturally not ok with people who don't want to do anything, but get it handed to them. However asking where to get started is not a problem, at all.

    grep is your friend.

  • vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP
    edited June 2013

    I can vouch for HCE not wanting to have it all done for them. I offered to do just that in a PM if they wanted and were using one of my themes, and HCE said guidance along the way would suffice . I can tell they are not the imposing type of people.

    I honestly think they want to learn for themselves. No one wants to be dependent for ever and learning how to do this yourself is a liberating thing in my experience.

    I always encourage people to do so after I give them some help. There are people like YAcosta who had no idea about css. I helped him out try to solve an issue and explained the basics , now he can design himself and is very good. So anyone can learn from 0 . I forgot to say that he does not speak english, so learning css that is written in english was a real challenge and he succeeded despite it.

    The folks who don't , well we know who they are, they are the "I could do it myself but don't have the time to do it" or the "I don't know anything and can't be bothered to learn so do it for $10 because I am on a -0 budget". etc lmao !!

  • HCEHCE New
    edited March 2014

    @UnderDog You stated:

    "I'll add some value to this thread : jump off your high WordPress horse and change your attitude just a little. As soon as you've made the changes you think are necessary, good luck checking them and see if they are CSS- and Iframe- proof. I hope for you by the time this thread is over, someone will still be responding to you. Good luck with that"

    You haven't added any value to this thread. All you've done is expose your ignorance and your incessant attitude; thus devaluing the thread. I'm not on any "high WordPress horse" [sic]. (I think you meant to say WordPress high-horse.) No reasonable person would have any reason to think so. I just simply mentioned that I had integrated Vanilla with WordPress so commenters would know what environment I'm working in, in case that was relevant to any instructions or suggestions they could offer. But you obviously lack reading comprehension and have some insecurities. I would appreciate it if the likes of you would stop responding to me. Thanks.

    @vrijvlinder - You're a gem and a true value to this community. Thank you for your integrity and your intelligence. If only all other authors in the open-source community were like you!

    @x00 - You stated:

    "...Re-read the thread. there is no issue here...There isn't anything wrong with asking this question."

    I'm glad you were finally smart enough to realize that there wasn't anything wrong with my very simple question. Unfortunately, others weren't. No reasonable person would infer that I was trying to have someone else do the work for me, based off of this question. As @vrijvlinder‌ said:

    "I can vouch for HCE not wanting to have it all done for them. I offered to do just that in a PM if they wanted and were using one of my themes, and HCE said guidance along the way would suffice . I can tell they are not the imposing type of people."

  • proof - it is never too late to post a retort and resume a flaming match. :)

    I may not provide the completed solution you might desire, but I do try to provide honest suggestions to help you solve your issue.

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