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Stripping Vanilla

edited June 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ok just wondering how hard would it be to strip vanilla o the core, say keep the template system, mysql classes, everything needed to make extensions work but remvoe the forum and all so something new could be written.


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited June 2006
    That's already been done. It's called People and The Lussumo Framework. It's what Swell and the Add-on site are built on.
  • ok i guess i understand framework but whats people? or is that the user management side of it all?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yep - user management :)
  • oh ok, so if i put it into the same folders as vanilla uses will that work?
  • Put what into the same folders? Vanilla runs on people and the lussumo framework already assuming you're using v0.9.3?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, you'll still need to set all of the includes up properly and then create files to do what you want.

    Typically when I start a new app with the framework, I:

    1. Copy the appg/ folder and make the necessary changes in appg/settings.php.
    2. Create a library folder and get copies of the People and Framework folders in there.
    3. Create a new library folder named after my new application that will hold classes and controls specific to that app.
    4. Copy the necessary dictionary entries into a languages folder
    5. Create a conf directory & files for my specific installation
    6. Create a themes directory and get all of the non-vanilla theme files in there.
    7. Copy the people.php file into the root.
    8. Create a new php file in the root and start writing my app.
  • oh ok thanks, mini im sorry i didnt mean for vanilla i mean for a new app. But mark has brilliantly explained all, thanks. Not every software gets this good support. And the chance to make your own app running of the same engine as it were.
  • Just a question, when swell and Vanilla are released, will there be a whole package including Swell, Vanilla and maybe a modded add-on package availiable, or will the add-on pages be kept a Lussumo only package?
  • Mark has said he has no intention of releasing the addons dir software as a product (i dunno if he could be convinced otherwise) As for packaging swell and vanilla together in the same download it seems unlikely but I bet plugging the two into each other wont be very difficult at all.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I think the better way is to separate the people login script and the people libraries from the vanilla libraries and the swell libraries.

    I haven't worked it all out yet. My notion is that you'll be able to throw the swell files into vanilla (and vice versa) and they'll just work together.
  • yeah mark, hehe you dont want to release that download type script you have made for the addons page. Would be very useful.
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