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Extension ideas (some may require alot of queries)

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as the title says they may require alot or a few queries so if your a query conscience php freak and cannot bear it look awaynow. Well first a reputation system for users possibly. Also maybe a way of saying if a post was helpful in a way. I mean like digg you do it on exciting or helpful stuff. Maybe a way of doing that for certain posts. Or a way of saying thanks to a user. There are thank you mods for other forum software. A user clicks thank you and then it says under the post who has said thank you. But instead of cluttering up the post maybe in the account page show the thank yous. Ads after first post. (may attempt it myself) Admin user panel to do list (ajaxified) Draft posts, instead of posting them the user can desicde to save them somewhere...guess like the clipboard (note never tried it)


  • You'd probably better started a new discussion for each extension idea, supporting each idea with more comments.
  • I do like the ideas, too bad I can't really help... I couldn't code to save my life.
  • yeah i may start new posts. I would really like to see the todo list done. I think it would be nice. With good use of ajax would be even better. I was thinking that in the admin settings page you could have the todo list, so you could add events for certain times. Edit them, and delete them. Other features could be impletmented hopefully. This todo list would be nicely laid out in the admin panel. Also when the time comes for an event on the to do list maybe it could be displayed on the top of the forum (where the messages are when it asks you to check for updates), but only to the admin. This would stay their either for 12hours lets say or until the admin clicks a Done/Cancel link. All the way through this i have written it from a admin view however this could and probably should be for all registered users. Having it in their Account page.
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    Quote - Well first a reputation system for users possibly. This like a system the shows an image showing relitively how many posts have been done by a user? i like that idea, i'll be able to easilly make something like that after i'm finished my Category Colour Changer *wink wink*
  • err not quite, when a user makes a good helpful post or does something useful for another user , the person will give the other person reputation points, ...Actually i think you should forget this as it will require alot more mysql queries and slow the board down alot. Thinking about it, it is jsut another feature that gets abused and would require alot of work to get right.
  • what are you wanting to do? that might help you try to figure out what exactly what your wanting to happen. btw, if you want to have a look at the effects of my newest extension in development, have a look at the colours of the categories at . it's all one extension at the moment :)
  • yeah i want to make my todo list
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