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Cleanup extension deleted the wrong forum...

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I have several seperate forums running on my server, with different table prefixes but in the same database.
Now I just ran the cleanup extension to remove all the discussions and comments from one of these forums (with a custom prefix) but It left that untouched and proceeded to wipe the default LUM_ prefixed tables which I really didn't want it to do.

Is the LUM_ prefix hardcoded into the extension?


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    im asumming it is, i will check...the answer is yes it is... it starts line 230 $Sql = 'truncate table LUM_DiscussionUserWhisperFrom'; $this->Context->Database->Execute($Sql, $this->Name, 'Constructor', 'An error occurred while attempting to truncate whisper relationships.'); thats the start, also there is only about 5 or 6 prefixes to change. can someone tell me how to do the code things?
  • Shouldn't it pull the prefix from the conf file? How would I edit it to do that?
  • hehe wait til someone who knows what they are doing comes on...i will try but i dont do much php and i am new to vanilla...ill look around.
  • Hmm, i didnt realise the cleanup had been updated to work with v1, when did that happen? In any case you'd need to swap out lum_ for $this->Context->Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX'], I'd do it something like this but it's probably a messy way cause i'm not much use: $Sql = 'truncate table '.$this->Context->Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX'].'DiscussionUserWhisperFrom'; Basically it's just a search and replace on LUM_ with '.$this->Context->Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX'].' for those couple of values in the default.php file. Use at your own risk though (and congrats for finding this bug the hard way ;))
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    you could make it abit prettier by saying $prefix = '$this->Context->Configuration['DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX']'; //have this somewhere above the sql queries $Sql = 'truncate table ' .$prefix. 'DiscussionUserWhisperFrom'; I personally think that it looks nicer
  • I wrote that initially, then changed it. *shrug.
  • lol :P oh well doesnt really matter both should work.
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