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New Whisper Colour

edited June 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
would there be any way that the colour of the whisper when it's firstly made, just after the flashing of the yellow, become the pale yellow that it shows when you add the page after? i'll probabyl go looking for an awnser when i get the chance but this is just a heads-up for guys who know this program like the back of their hands.


  • edited June 2006
    It's a yellowfade extension bug - i dont know how it works so i dont know how to fix it - but thats where you need to look. It bugs me too but i got over it after a while.

    I assume it's something to do with the bit at the bottom where it says background colour transparent and stuff - i dunno whether you could change the script so you could feed it with the final colour which it should use or not...?
  • after looking at the code, i think that this may work but i'm not too sure if it's bug proof, nor if it even works, but can someone have a test of it?

    you need to change this :-

    // If it's the last color, set it to transparent
    if (colorId==1) {
    document.getElementById(targetId).style.backgroundColor = "transparent";


    // If it's the last color, set it to transparent
    if (colorId==1 && document.forms[document.forms.length-1].WhisperUsername.value == "") {
    document.getElementById(targetId).style.backgroundColor = "transparent";
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