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The word "sticky"

edited June 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
So, working on a translation I was thinking about the different terms used in Vanilla, and I was wondering about "sticky". Wouldn't it be nice to call it "floating" to fit in with "sink"? I personally like the idea of having related terms for different things. Of course changing "sink" to "slippery" would work as well. So you could float and sink discussions you wanted, because they're basically opposites, one stops a discussion from sinking, and the other forces it. Anyway, just a semi-random though, and I was wondering what others would think of it.


  • Interesting theory. I guess it was never considered cause stickies have been around for ages (i seem to remember them being called sticky on o8 memory sucks though) wheras sinking is a new idea. But yeah good thinking. Slippery is quite funny too but not quite as appropriate as sink unfortunately.
  • I think using whatever is standard in your countries forums is best for Vanilla. Vanilla needs to have as many standard forum features as it can have, without being standard software so it doesn't confuse people. And using slippery would be quite humorous.
  • Oh, I should have added that this wasn't a translation question, this was a question about terminology in general within Vanilla! :) The translation I'm making will have sticky and sink in it, and nothing else (if it gets changed in the English version, I'll change the translation, of course).
  • We do use the word "Whisper" instead of the more standard "Private Message." That might set the precendent for also calling sticky something more appropriate. Float might confuse css minded people though. I do like the consistency of the float vs sink metaphor though.
  • I think Sticky should be sticky... I mean.. you don't call a television a moving-picture-box or some other metaphor... it's just called a television. Some terms shouldn't be translated or given another name. Even in dutch language a sticky is called a sticky :) It will only confuse people :)
  • Well actually the original term for it on forums was a Pinned topic. Then it became Sticky. There's no do and don'ts with it since there's no right term for it.

    So I'm all for calling it Float.
  • AmbitiousLemon > Whispers don't work like Private Messages, that's why it's not the same name (I guess).
  • Yes they do, they work exactly like them. The only difference is technically there's no "inbox" specifically for them (although you can select all whispered messages so that's the inbox) and whispers allow you to PM within the thread as well.
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    Agreed, I rather like Float.
  • Ok ok... let's make it a "Floaty" to keep everybody happy :P

    *And "Float" reminds me of "IT" (By Stephen King)... Mad Clown guy: "They all float"... MUHAHAHAHA (Evil scary laugh)
  • In french it's "le sticky"
  • Well cant yu change it in admin panel anyway?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Does anyone besides me find this discussion completely silly?
  • I am agree lech... It is obvious that floaty is far better. Don 't know why we are still talking about it.
  • Silly because of the idea or silly because of the rest of the discussion, lech?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Haha, just the rest of the general discussion and history of "the sticky". Quite silly, but like Immersion pointed out, you can change this in the admin panel :) I will rename "stickies" to "Floaters" And general discussions as "Toilet Paper" the rest will be known as "Sinkers" Behold! It has been made so.
  • Then for hiding stuff you can flush it? This is really going somewhere now. What about bookmarking?
  • constipate?
  • edited June 2006
    Bookmarks? Buoys! (I prefer seas to toilets)
  • "Using the toilet paper", that's the idea. ADM (talking about Whispers/PMs) : to me, what you say prove it's not the same. ;)
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