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Some Help would be nice

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hey can someone make me a simple template extension that will just echo something in accounts page ( a link on the side) and a page where stuff will be echoed and on the top of the dicussions where the update notices go in 1.0. Would be a great help as i wish to make my own extension eventually. I just need to see how things work in vanilla.


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    Immersion, you're in luck, some of these are covered in the docs:

    For example in the page "Adding to the panel", there's an example. At the point in the code example marked:

    // Remember to only place your list on the pages you want if ($Context->SelfUrl == "index.php") {

    you can say you'd like it to be in account.php. Take a look at this line in some of the other add-ons and you'll quickly see how they determine on which tab they should appear.
  • mm ok ill read through it all and look at other mods.
  • ok adding stuff to the panel is no problem at all yet no where in my script do i need to. Also i can add a link on the left to go to my options page. The problem is that i cant make some text go to the page where it should be. It sticks it under the links. How can i fix this? It would be a great help if someone could write out the whole code but any help would be nice
  • no one can help me at all?
  • Can you explain again what exactly you want to do? It's not clear from your second comment. I suggested the docs (and that page particularly) as Mark explains it better than most of us could and it includes the complete code for adding links to the panel.
  • ok i have read through the docs and such...but it doesnt help me maybe i missed it. On the settings page i made a plugin that would make a link to a todolist. Now that worked fine. I linked it to postbackaction and made a thing so if it was called it would echo hello. Now i went on it and hello was written under the panel links to the left. How would i make it so it is on the main page bit or does it rely on css to go where the content should be. Also how would you go about adding something where the notifications go. Such as the one when you install that says check for updates blah?
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