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Making compatible with voting:

This discussion is related to the ReplyTo addon.

So to make this plugin still work with voting I disabled the sorting in the voting plugin. That was done in the file on line 137 to 153 by commenting out the following:

public function CommentModel_AfterConstruct_Handler($CommentModel) {
` $Sort = self::CommentSort();

  switch (strtolower($Sort)) {
     case 'date':
     case 'popular':
        $CommentModel->OrderBy(array('coalesce(c.Score, 0) desc', 'c.CommentID'));


But now that I look at the code I'm wondering if there might be a way to use this section:

OrderBy(array('c.ParentCommentID', 'asc', 'coalesce(c.Score, 0) desc', 'c.CommentID'));

in the class.replyto.plugin.php file. Because, on line 160 the replyto plugin has:

$Data = $SQL->Select('CommentID')->Select('ParentCommentID') ->From('Comment') ->Where('DiscussionID', $DiscussionID) ->OrderBy('ParentCommentID', 'asc') ->OrderBy('DateInserted', 'asc') ->Get();

So wouldn't it be possible to just add another OrderBy that says if (votingpluginexists) Orderby: c.Score

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