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JSConnect use POST instead of GET

I need to use post instead of get when using my authentication url using JSConnect. Can you tell me which files I would need to fix to make this happen?
class.jsconnect.plugin.php has:
I'm hopeing to just change it to:


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    • Worked around this by setting the Authentication URL outside of my framework , adjusting the get link to remove the %2F's in Target=%2F... , then send the modified url to my framework and add the slashes (%2F) back, its an extra step but this part works fine.

    I'm still not sure how having this work helps me though. When I log in to my site when is this authentication page supposed to be accessed? When I went to form.Site.Com it just asked me for my user name like normal. Am I supposed to put a link to the forum something like -> forum.Site.Com/event/to/trigger/authentication/jsconnect?client_id=23438438 ? I can't find anything about this so far.

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    This not that is not what that code does.

    The request is jsonp. It is the javascript that actually sends the form. But I can't think why you want to do that.

    grep is your friend.

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    Thanks for the response, I got it working after guessing at what address i'm supposed to connect to in a link from my site to have jsconnect trigger the authentication. I could not find one place that mentions this, the one that was close had an error.

    Newbies use a link like the following, from your site to your forums to trigger the automatic login. ( Assuming user is logged in on your actual site & you have jsconnect working right )

    If you do not go to the forums using the above URL you will not be logged in using jsconnect, it will not trigger the call to your authentication. At least I know of no other way vanilla will trigger the Authentication link.

    x00-> I have a custom built framework and my .htaccess and router handle /'s differently than normal so when jsConnect sent me a %2F or / , it had an issue, also had an issue with the ?, but no-one else should run in to that issue.

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