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edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is there a way to add the notices like update reminder. I looked at the applicant extension yet that doesnt seem to work on board fullstop.


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    The "NewApplicants" add-on puts a message exactly where you want. You should be able to modify it to your purposes.
    However it only notifies if certain conditions are fulfilled (which may be the reason why you're not seeing anything):
    a) You must have the rights to approve new applicants... at the top if... $Context->Session->User->Permission('PERMISSION_APPROVE_APPLICANTS')
    b) have set the role for new applicants to require approval (if new applicants can post right away, they won't need approving = no message)
    c) there have to be new applicants waiting for approval... if $ApplicantCount > 0
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    lol ok i know all that, the thing is it doesnt work :P it gives me some error saying something about object non member or something but everything else is right. I also tried taking about all the if applicant stuff so it should display a permanent message there but that came up with some error aswell.
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    edited June 2006
    Mark added a new control: NoticeCollector, which is included in every page. I think you can just use the following method:
    AddNotice($Notice, $Position = '0', $ForcePosition = '0')
    So, you should use something like this in your code:
    $NoticeCollector->AddNotice("Your task 'My first task' is about to expire!");
    You don't need to add the position parameters. Just add the above line to one of the enabled extensions, and check if it works (haven't tried it myself)
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    yeah im thinking that i need to get a newer version off the svn as i dont think mine has that. It didnt seem to work.
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    Yep, it's in one of the latest revisions :)
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    now i just have to wait for abit of uploading :P then i will get on my way to completeing my part of it jazzman (i hope if all goes to plan) i dont care im slowing down the ToDo List :P
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    haha, np :) I'm still working on the other bits, so take your time :)
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    oh ok, mm now i have the new vanilla i hope to make my bit pretty soon if all goes to plan.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Right on, Jazzman!

    I love it when I don't have to explain stuff :)
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    lol, i knew what do do just was baffled as it wasnt working. Crazy mark adding stuff without tell me :P
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    Jazzman i give up on the notice thing for the todo List. It just doesnt work!!!I dont know whether to put stuff in classes and make functions work right so ill leave it to someone who knows what they are doing as far as i got was doing an example one of how i think it should look see here

    It will be easier for you as you can use your own code as you know how you have done things.

    the code for my notice is here
    $ItemNotice = "hello this is an example of a task that could be maed so well there you go really!"; $NoticeCollector->AddNotice("To Do Task : <b>$ItemNotice</b><div style='float: right;'><a href='?PostBackAction=ToDo'>Completed/Cancel</a></div> <br />Due Date: Today &nbsp; ");
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    what file do you put those codes in ?
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