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Login with email and password?

edited June 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
how could I make it able, that users can login with their E-Mail adress and the password? When a user posts something there should be the first and the second name...


  • May i ask why?
  • because it's for the users easier to remind and it's mainly not for discussions, but for a file sharing system
  • I suspect if you played around with a few of the queries in people you could get it to work. You'd need to change a few forms and stuff as well. It wont be a small job.
  • I found a solution, and it was very easy...

    I only changed the length of the username field in the login form and changed the query in the People.Class.Authenticator from

    $s->AddWhere('u', 'Name', '', $Username, '=');
    $s->AddWhere('u', 'Email', '', $Username, '=');

    that was it...
  • really? Werd. I suppose mark does kick ass. Does it head up their posts with their username or email?
  • the forum works like normally with the username, but for the login the user only needs the mail and the password...
  • I see. Turn it into an extension then :)
  • cool
  •  Quote: Minisweeper  Turn it into an extension then :)
    have we turned it into an extension then ?
  • It would be cool if you could login with either username or email. Not one or the other.
  • I agree. The ability to log-in with either would be great.
  • VazVaz New
    edited June 2007
    Would the trick be the following? $s->AddWhere('u', 'Email || Name', '', $Username, '='); (i'm not a php expert) edit - Email || Name does not work. Confirmed.
  • dan39dan39 New
    edited June 2007
    Currently in Vanilla you can sign up for two member accounts that have the same email address. I suppose the "login via email" could prevent that from happening. That is until a user who signed up for two separate accounts on two separate emails changed their profile for their emails to be the same in both accounts. Vanilla current doesn't care if you do that. So I would imagine someone who did that would have trouble logging in when the two accounts have the same email/login. No? That's probably worth looking into. Another thing worth looking into is whether or not an email-based authenticator actually prevents users from having the same member name or not.
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