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[Anomally?] - Sign In Redirect

Vanilla Version, Vanilla jsConnect Version 1, Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn Version 0.1.7b, Force Guest Sign In Version 1.2
- Hy guy's, i have a fresh install of all of the above, and in the db i have 2 users (for testing), One it's the default "admin" with the Vanilla hash method, the second one it's the user from my aplication "test" witch connect's to my vanilla true JsConnect.

  • Everything work's fine i can login with bouth users, when i am not loggin the force guest sign in send's me to signIn, But when i loggin with the "admin" user (default from vanilla) i get redirected to the homepage set up in the Dashboard(this is OK)

When the "Force Guest Sign In" appears (because i am not loggin) i have 2 choice's: 1 write the name/email and password or 2 to click on the Button from JsConnect. When i click the button from JsConnect it's loggin me in BUT it's not REdirecting me to my home page it's stay's on the SignIn.

How can i make After login from the JsConnect button to redirect also to the default homepage set in Dashboard ?
I've attach a img with the issue.
Thank you very much in advance !

1.JPG 20.3K


  • Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn only redirects based on the target, it does not determine where a person lands.

    Typically if there is Target in the url it will go there, which is common when you try to access something, and asked to login, becuase you go back to what you wanted to access rather then some arbitrary location.

    I suggest this isn't an issue with Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn plugin.

    If it is an issue with Force Guest Sign In I suggest you ask there, I can see it doesn't make a target, so it not the function of my plugin to re-direct to arbitrary locations it isn't asked to.

    In fact if you are having to click on anything, its not to do with my plugin. My plugin is for auto-connecting, which means it picks the firts provider and attempt to logon, after that is anyone’s guess. However it will not be employed on various pages, where it isn't needed. If it is not being employed, it isn't relevant to this problem.

    You are probably better off using the Private Community plugin included in the core rather then ForceGuestSignInPlugin, if you want to keep you community private.

    grep is your friend.

  • Ok sorry if i did not related to the right addon, a differt question about "Vanilla jsConnect Auto SignIn":

    • If the data is availlable in the JsConnect it's taking like a few second's to connect the person in "the first provider".

    Can i modify this to connect almost instantly the first provider? If were how can i do that.
    And can i hide the small panell that appear when the user its connecting that say's "Connecting with the user" or something like this.

    Thanks in advance

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited August 2013

    the speed is down to the overall request time of the site x 3. You can't improve it beyond that, unless you speed up your site.

    Do you mean panel? Or do you mean the smokescreen and pop-up? It actually says "Hi % just connecting you to forum..."

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  • you can hide with css

    #smokescreen, #smokescreen-panel { display:none!important;}

    grep is your friend.

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