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Is this plugin supposed to work straight out of the box????

This discussion is related to the ImageUpload addon.


  • ShadowdareShadowdare Moderator
    edited October 2013

    I'm glad that the plugin is working for you now!

    @chuck911, I attached a zip of the plugin 1.1 with the fix above included and I also added a config setting for changing the max file size of images that can be uploaded. Of course, the max file size setting is limited to what is allowed in the PHP max file size settings and web server settings. I left some comments in the default.php file with more info on this addition if you would like to add this in another update as well.

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  • THANKS SO MUCH for all the time and attention that you gave to this issue, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED! I am still not sure why the 1.38MB jpg file still won't upload, but make no mistake, I CAN LIVE WITH IT!!! (I might just try to save the 1.38 MB jpg file to another file type), But anyway, I am HAPPY with having an easier way to upload images than through with inserting images via http://. Again, I am VERY APPRECIATIVE for the solutions that you worked out!

  • @Narrowminded1 @Shadowdare thanks very much !
    that's really a stupid bug, thank you for finding it out !
    I've updated the plugin

  • @chuck911 THANK YOU for the plugin! It makes posting images so much simpler.

  • ShadowdareShadowdare Moderator
    edited October 2013

    @Narrowminded1, you're welcome! Thank you, too, for answering with details!

    @chuck911, you're welcome! It looks good. Is it possible to show a popup message box if the user uploads an image that's too big? It doesn't look like Plupload has an event for images that are too big, but I guess that it would use its error event for that.

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  • chuck911chuck911
    edited October 2013

    duplicate post

  • @Shadowdare If image is too large, Gdn_Upload(in backend) will throw an exception, I can catch this and make a callback in frontend. I will make improvements about error handle

  • Hi, I am using vanilla 2.1b and it doesn't seem to work well. After choosing the image, nothing happens. anybodu tried it?

  • ShadowdareShadowdare Moderator
    edited January 2014

    @brianc, welcome to the community!

    • Would you open the /uploads/imageupload/ folder in your file manager and see if any images you have uploaded show up in the folder please?

    • What text box editor are you using? For example, it could be Vanilla's default plain text editor both with and without ButtonBar, the CLEditor plugin, and so on.

    Also, please open your web browser's console to see if any JavaScript errors show up when you upload an image.

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  • @Shadowdare, thanks for your response.
    I found that it was about the extension, in my case, it didn't work dealing with "jpeg" while other file types(jpg, png etc) work well.

  • Works for me out of the box for jpg images, presently

    Using Vanilla 2.1

    I am happy :-)

    Big thanks @chuck911 and also @Shadowdare‌ ...for the plugin and this thread, seems like there is hope for noobs after all :-)

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