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Add-on request: "Last person who logged in"

Hey! I run a pretty small forum with few, but relatively active members. I would love an extension which says "The last member who logged in was XXX, at XXX" eg "The last person to log in was Thomas Heath, at 15.45 yesterday". Would this be feasible?


  • I suspect this could be best added to the stats extension? It's certainly possible though and wouldnt take much work.
  • That would be fine, as long as it's possible to turn off all the other stats to avoid clutter.
  • All the stats can turn on and off yeah. Gimme a sec i'll throw it up
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    Ok. Apologies to blizeh for stealing his forum once again (I'll get my own soon, i promise!) and Vincent for stealing his code (very nice extension btw, extremely easy to add new stats (basically 2 lines of work for a definition and the necessary sql query for those interested)) but i have the basic concept here.

    There's a slight issue that the visit time is the standard mysql datetime stamp and i'd really need to wait for vincent on the best way to approach that - I'm not sure whether it's avoidable in his extension so maybe a seperate one would be more ideal afterall but i thought i'd have a play anyway. I can upload the code if you want it.
  • The code won't help me - I'm not much of a programmer (yet). But the Lussomo forum has made me think perhaps I should get started with php/vanilla. People around here are very helpful so perhaps it would be manageable. As it is now I can only do very minor adjustments of other peoples' code.
  • I meant i could upload the whole extension. You can turn off the other stats if you like. The only bug bear is getting round the datetime issue - for that you might need to get your own hands dirty cause i cant think of an instant solution and i'm pretty chuffed with myself for managing to do that to begin with!

    But yeah, we are very helpful lovely people! I'm no php major but with well written extensions and frameworks stuff becomes easier than you might expect.
  • If you could upload the full extension that would be great. I'm not sure how the procedures work - I guess Vincent's official version is in the add-ons directory but that you could send me a modded version? Anyhow I'm not in a rush =) I need to setup v3 and install a million other extensions first! The prettiest output format would of course use Vanillas existing convention. I.e. the same way times are treated on when discussions are listed (The "Last active" bit on each discussion)
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    I'm gonna throw the extension up here for the time being so you can use it or look at it if you want. I could make a seperate extension pretty easily but I'm gonna put a bit more thought into a few things first. Assuming i dont forget.
  • Thx, I'll have a look!
  • ...but the link gives me a 404 error!
  • It probably would since i wrote it wrong. I suck at the internet. Fixed.
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